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06-25-09, 8:33 pm
I'm reading through the website a few days ago and start reading all the entries that everyone submitted describing "what is animal". I was sad knowing I had missed out since I had some thoughts to share. I was then encouraged to share my thoughts here. Hopefully I put them in the right place. They are as follows:

He was 5. I heard the word nobody ever wants to here. Cancer. He battled it for 3 years and 2 months. 24/7/365. He endured countless pills, shots, spinal taps, needles driven into his bones to pull out marrow and chemo with the word “toxin” in its name. Killing cells in his body to save his life. He kicked cancer’s ass. He was Animal.

Fast forward 11 years. He’s 5-9, 240 playing defensive line on the Varsity football team. We’ve been in the gym since last season ended. He’s in the gym 4 days a week and keeping at 3.5 GPA. Now he’s kicking my ass. I struggle to keep up, but its great to see him pulling away from me. I tell him, “go hard or go home” He tells me, “shut up and train”. He still suffers from his battle 11 years earlier and may never get a full ride football scholarship, but he never gives up. He presses, cleans, squats and runs till he pukes and then he goes some more. He will be ready for Friday night. He embodies all that is Animal. The fight. The will to win. The never quit attitude. The dedication. My Son, my Hero. He is Animal.