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07-07-09, 7:39 pm
I have thought about it a while, debating wheter or not i should put this thread up here but what the hell right??? might as well ... especially after tonight I feel the need to share ... this might help some Cats on a tight budget like i am with some hearty ass meals that dont have shit in um..... So here I am, not the best chef but i can whipp some tasty grub up when i need to and here is Recipe #1

Pinata Chicken and rice

2-3 leeks/green onions
1 red onion
half a green pepper
handful of mushrooms
(depending on how many people or days you wanna feed)
2-3 boneless chicken breasts
garlic powder
recaito (spanish aisle at wallmart easy to find)
sofrito (same as above)
Adoboe ( " " )

about 1-2 cups of rice (also depending on how much you need)

-Start boilng water for the rice season or not as you wish IMO always tastes better wth yellow rice

-First off clean the chicken and filet each in half season each side lightly (meaning just a sprinkle with the adoboe, basil, and garlic powder.

-let the seasoning sit on the chicken while you prepare the pan.

-I usually use pam but however you make sure t doesnt stick do so, let the pan heat up for a few min on high then add the recaito and sofrito to the pan (i usually have home made stuff but using the store bought kind add a bit more basil to the mix let it simmer on the pan and stir it for about 2 minutes.

-chopp the onions, peppers, and mushrooms into bitz and toss them into the pan along with the mix

-Add the chicken on top and frequently lather the mix onto the chicken ensuring it marinates the flavor in..... put a top on it and wait about 25-30 min and your done....

the mix doubles as a sauce for the rice and holds a nice flavor in which the onions bring out more....

Hope anyone who tries ths enjoys it


07-07-09, 7:52 pm
sweet bro.

07-07-09, 8:01 pm
thanx .. i got quite a bt more but uh ... i forgot some of specifics... i guess ill post them as i remember them lol... thats what happens when you get old >.>.... LMAO

07-07-09, 8:53 pm
I think ill have to try that one tomorrow, thanks man

07-07-09, 9:12 pm
sounds good bro.

07-07-09, 9:49 pm
I think ill have to try that one tomorrow, thanks man

NP tell me how you like it

sounds good bro.