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07-23-09, 11:42 am
In January, alot of shit was happening in my life that made me start to think life was not worth living. I am not here to bitch and moan and have you feel sorry foe me, this is just part of the story. As I slipped deeper and deeper into depression, I came across the animal website and read G Diesels article, Go Hard. It lit a spark in me, all thoughts changed. I read the article over and over again. I can truly say it saved my life. All the fuckin stupid thoughts of suicide were cleared, I had a newfound strength. I started to live re animal life, and started a thread about it. I then had to be rushed to the hospital for a 107 degree fever, uncontrollable shaking, etc. Ihad a severe case of mono that kept me in the hosptal for about a month, and took me out of the animal life. In my previous thread, I promised I would make a comeback. It starts now.

I will be updating this regularly, and I could use all the support and tips from my fellow animals I can get. You all truly picked me up out of the dirt, thank you.

07-23-09, 11:47 am
Your in the right spot my man. Welcome back. DO your thing, start a log and diet and we will take it day by day. Its your time brother.

07-23-09, 12:16 pm
thank you my man. I do have a question; my appetite is awful. I am not hungry at all, and if I try to force food down it will just be thrown up. Any idea on how I can get good protein and other nutrients?

Gaoshang Xiongshou
07-23-09, 2:49 pm
...I could use all the support and tips from my fellow animals I can get.

You got it brother. I am in.

07-23-09, 2:51 pm
welcome back man..shit happens just glad you picked yourself up and keep on pressing forward.

07-24-09, 9:51 am
welcome back bro...you're in the right place.

07-24-09, 10:42 am
I could use a few tips on the type of workout to start with. I have a naturally less thick build. Beforee the hospital I dominated this, but I lost alot of weight and muscle mass. Should I stick with a split body workout?