View Full Version : Filling a Keg

08-03-09, 6:47 pm
I just got a keg for strongman keg loading its a big size and i wanna fill it withsand but it has a pressure gauge ... anybody know how to open one of these badboys up so i can fill it with some sand???

08-03-09, 9:47 pm
i guess no body knows lol

08-04-09, 2:03 am
That really is tough to do bro. As you try to pop that valve off, you may get sprayed with stale beer. YUMMY.

Can you get faulty kegs from a brewery near you?

I got all of my kegs from Red Hook here in the Seattle area, and they all had the tops popped off cause the valves were faulty,
We just had to buy some screw tops to plug them with. And, added duct tape on the tops for good measure.

A keg filled with just water, will usually weigh b/w 165-180 lbs. It depends on the type of keg.

Hope this helps!

02-24-10, 3:14 pm
i got a 1/4 barrel keg made of aluminum and took a grinding wheel and cut i little 4 inch square filled it with concrete and it is good the way it is, but i think i'm going to weld a piece over it so it when i get time.