View Full Version : anyone 17 or younger?

strivin for more
08-22-09, 11:12 am
hey guys sorry if im not suppose to post this "wanted" ad of sorts, but im just looking for some younger guys' journeys. around 17 or younger, i just wanna be following up on people my own age. i looked through several pages of the journey section but found that to be limited. so i thought maybe i could get them to come to me? thanks everyone.

J Wong
08-22-09, 11:30 am
Besides myself (18), I know of Young&Hungry who is 17 and zanderfever is also a teenager.

08-22-09, 1:31 pm
I'm 18 too. So is JAY. I can't think of any 17 yr olds except YH.

strivin for more
08-22-09, 3:53 pm
alright thanks! subbed both of ya.

08-22-09, 4:38 pm
i feel you bro... not many of us in here haha..

your the only one i know whos under 17 strivin!
well and YandH is 17 as already mentioned!

08-23-09, 2:27 pm
Yo im 17, dont forget me

08-23-09, 2:30 pm
Im 16!!

08-23-09, 9:48 pm
Tbh, I really like this forum and learning new things here...but the setup bb.com forums has allows you to find people your age pretty easily. The Teenage section is full of people in our age group.

Young&Hungry's journey is probably a good one to follow on the Animal forums.

08-24-09, 7:00 pm
I'm 17!