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G Diesel
09-04-09, 5:25 pm
Shout out to ABC coordinators, constituents and Animal fans far and wide...

August in Review
August was a fruitful and hectic month for myself and my brethren in the Animal crew. The beautiful chaos found us taking part in 3 ABCs in the course of seven days, with two in two days taking place thousands of miles apart.

The first leg of the journey, after working a booth at the Europa Supershow, found us training for the second year in a row at Metroflex Gym in Arlington, TX, the home of an 8x Mr. Olympia. One of the more hardcore gyms on the planet, I was there banging the big iron with Wrath, Universal athlete Steve Kuclo, treetrunklegs, naturalguy and several of the members of the Texas ABC family including my boy dannynb.

After flying half way across country, with my brother Wrath now on our beloved Jersey turf, we had a special Monday evening ABC at Muscle Mill in Milltown, NJ… One of our favorite local gyms. Several of the usual Jersey suspects were in the house including Vinny The Lip, The Giant Killer, Aggression and scals 17.

The final leg of this ABC trilogy was at the best hole in the wall barbell club on the East Coast, Skiba’s in Carteret, NJ. There to document the madness was Robbie Durand from Muscular Development as our boy and one of the MD contacted athletes, Ox, was in the house and looking massive. Tek was there presiding over the festivities, which included a new element to the ABCs, the inception of our Animal Iron Athlete competitions.

August also featured ABC events in Colorado, Canton, Des Moines and Seattle with Chicago also holding their own early round of AIA competitions at their most recent ABC event.

Animal Iron Athletes
The Animal Iron Athlete comps, or AIAs are designed to be a true test of your prowess in the weight room—your strength, endurance and versatility, by assessing your ability to rep out in powerlifting’s “big 3”, the bench, squat and deadlift in either the categories of bodyweight, 225 or 315. At the first competition, Aggression led the deads with 37 reps at 225, naturalguy hit deads at 315 for 20 reps tying with PureRawPower, I hit 225 for 41 reps and 315 for 16 on the bench and my dawg and co-chair treetrunklegs was the iron athlete of the day competing in all three categories at 225 and hanging a big 78 reps up there for the rest of the ABC nation to chase. We strongly encourage coordinators from far and wide to implement the AIAs into your ABC gatherings. Stats will be kept all year long on the FORVM. The challenge has been laid down, who will step up and represent?

Speaking of my boy TTL, he has a few things on his mind…

“This is a huge month for myself and upcoming ABC affiliates. I will be traveling a bit to attend a few different shows and ABCs. My first stop on the map will be Wheeling, WV for The House’s own show on the 12th. A big turnout is in the mix, so I’m excited to get out into true Animal Country. Good luck to all competitors. Las Vegas will be next on the map for the huge Mr. Olympia Booth and ABC event at The Compound. Nothing tops Las Vegas' mix of diversity, unique culture, and now some large mammoth beasts, taking over for a weekend. I’ll be there with a few of my Animal brethren, will you?” –treetrunklegs

My boy just touched on the two major ABC events for September…

The House's WV ABC
The House’s contest, the NPC West Virginia Grand Prix where Animal is the title sponsor, will precede a big ABC gathering at The House’s home gym: The Body Shop in Yorkville, OH on Sunday, September 13th at 11am.

Mr. Olympia '09 Vegas ABC
And a signature national event at the Mr. Olympia in Vegas. The 2nd Olympia ABC will be held on Sunday, September 27th at 11am at the hardcore haven of Gold’s Gym on the corner of Flamingo and Sandhill. I’ll be there punishing the iron with Wrath, Ox, Vinny G, The Freak, Big Al and the rest of the badass dudes you’ve come to know as the Animal crew.

September already has several events on tap with events slated for the Colorado, Ohio Valley, Seattle, Miami and North Carolina chapters respectively.

Chapter of the Month: SoCal
While on the topic of hardcore crews, I have to give props to the FORVM’s resident iron guru, ragingmuscle and his SoCal crew, August’s ABC chapter of the month. Along with 619 pro The Freak and serious brothers like InkdMuscle, sifusteve and Firedrake, ragingmuscle has taken the ABCs all over the map in the Southern Cali and held it down right. We salute our West Coast brothers this month, thanking them for spreading the gospel that is the Animal Barbell Club.

Damn. The ABCs have been on fire this summer and look to only be heating up as the temperature begins to dip. I can’t wait to see what happens as the leaves turn colors and the Jersey air becomes crisp.

Until next time, go hard.

G Diesel

Wanna Be a Part of the Animal Barbell Club?
It’s easy. Find an event in your area, show up wearing your favorite Animal shirt and be ready to train, hard. If you can’t find a chapter close to you, find an interested gym, some motivated brothers and represent--take the initiative and step right up to start your own chapter by posting your details right here in a new thread on The Board http://forum.animalpak.com/forumdisplay.php?f=71 For a complete and current list of ABC chapters, click this link http://forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?t=13075

09-04-09, 8:31 pm
Solid statements .. as Usual. Thanks G.

G Diesel
09-04-09, 11:39 pm
Solid statements .. as Usual. Thanks G.

Thanks for your big contributions my brother. The ABCs are lucky to have you in the mix and at the head of the table.

Peace, G

09-06-09, 7:43 pm
Great post bro!!!! Love to see the animal crew up a runnin. Glad to see this abc thing is gettin bigger!!!!

N. Motta
09-06-09, 8:07 pm
Hell yea G.

I need to get out to a California ABC event sometime this winter.

Another big thanks to TTL and the additional support received when we hosted the Utah ABC, planning to get another one in the works!

09-06-09, 8:57 pm
Great read G and TTL. The ABCs had some big events taking place in August. And it doesn't look like they'll be slowing down in September with two big events coming up--House's show and the Mr. O shortly thereafter. Also, big props to SoCal for another solid ABC session. Way to represent the ABCs fellas.

09-07-09, 7:29 am
Great to read whats going on G across the pond, informative stuff as usual mate, thanks.

09-08-09, 3:40 pm
Great read G and TTL. The ABCs had some big events taking place in August. And it doesn't look like they'll be slowing down in September with two big events coming up--House's show and the Mr. O shortly thereafter. Also, big props to SoCal for another solid ABC session. Way to represent the ABCs fellas.

Keep 'em rockin J. All through the year brother.

09-24-09, 1:12 am
Colorado did have a good turn out this month. We went from 3 in Aug to 8 in Sept. Looks like we will have 10-12 for Oct. We are using The Armbrust Pro Gym owned by Dylan and Heather Armbrust and is also Phil Heaths home gym. Heather is competeing in the O this year and well Im sure Phil will be there too. Anyway, keep your eye on Colorado...we are growING...stay tuned.

10-20-09, 11:14 am
I just noticed our Crew mad "crew of the month" Hell yeah. THanks for the honor G.

10-20-09, 1:08 pm
I don't know why I didn't see this till Rage said something . . . I get the newsletter as a feed. I guess I've been too busy with the contest <grin> -- yeah, that's a good excuse!

Thanks, guys!

10-20-09, 1:27 pm
Abc crew of the month.....thanx guys that's an honor!!!!

10-21-09, 10:18 am
as usual I'm late in reading all the news..."chapter of the month"...seems a little unfair for just doing what we do...LOL...thanks for the shout out