View Full Version : Why the military theme in The Compound?

Universal Rep
10-02-09, 11:25 am
Anyone know?

10-02-09, 11:39 am
It was different?

10-02-09, 11:41 am
It was different?

lol, a good a reason as any. But there has to be other reasons I'm thinking. It doesn't seem to me that Animal does things without a good reason.

10-02-09, 11:57 am
To represent and show respect for all of the hard work our men and women in uniform do for us.

10-02-09, 1:07 pm
To represent and show respect for all of the hard work our men and women in uniform do for us.

That is a very good reason

Universal Rep
10-02-09, 2:14 pm
That is a very good reason

Agreed... But not the only reason.

10-04-09, 8:45 pm
I think not only b/c it was different, and not only as a tribute to the men and women that serve in the armed forces that allow us the freedom to enjoy pasttimes such as bodybuilding, but as an extremely sharp contrast to every other co. booths setup at the expo. it was used to distance Animal from everything else at the expo, ie. the other co. who had girls in bikinis and small outfits pimping all the latest products and freee giveaways for stuff that would give you "steroid gains in weeks" or fatburners that can get you shredded without months of diet and cardio.

I went through the expo several times over and received a million free samples, but every booth was the same, different girls, different colors, different products but the same promises, the same buy our product, the same level of huge FAKENESS which is plaguing bodybuilding altogether.

the Compound was plain, simple, effective, a set of weights, military stuff, tents, green ts and hats, no bullshit being shoved down your throat. You could walk in, talk to the guys and buy the products if u wanted to, but no pressure, animal/universal know the products sell themselves based upon reputation/honesty. Just like the military it stands for something honest and true, just like the military who fights and battles for your freedoms, animal the supplement line and the forvm stand for and battle to provide each and everyone of us the opportunity to better ourselves, with a quality supplement line, and a brotherhood of limitless information pertaining to life, training etc.

i think that covers my coupla pennies on this one

10-04-09, 9:01 pm
Aside from it being different and paying homage to those out there fighting for our country I think the military theme embodies the discipline and dedication that the animal lifestyle is all about.

Just as a solider must be disciplined and dedicated to fight for his country, so must the bodybuilder be to train and eat like so day in and day out.