View Full Version : The O Weekend was a blast, thanks to all!!

10-04-09, 1:06 pm
Hi Brothers

What a weekend, what a blast!! Simply one of the best weekends of my life, my girlfriend and i hit up Vegas for a vacation over the Olympia weekend and i am still taken back by how much i enjoyed every aspect of the week.

Walking into the Olympia, I met Lee Priest my bodybuilding idol and spent a little time talking with him, which not only blew my mind but he was so kind, cool and down to earth, very easy to talk to that it felt like i had know him all my life, so personable and so cool.

From there on in, we rushed into the expo, and headed straight to booth 24, the Animal booth, all the guys were there and again, just like in meeting Lee Priest, everyone was so kind, so down to earth, you could talk to and approach anyone. Never in my wildest dreams, coming from a town of 50 people up in Northern Canada, would i think that i would ever meet any of the guys in the magazines i had idolized for the past 16 years, and it was amazing, that when i did, it was as if everyone had known me for a life time, with no attitude or arrogance whatsoever, just good down to earth guys that had a common bond in their love for training willing to shoot the shit with anyone.

After speaking with Lee, i actually lost my voice, when myself and my girlfriend made it to the compound Vinny came up to us, and i could barely speak, but he was super cool, down to earth and very helpful. JDawg, GDiesel, TTLegs, Naturalguy, ox, freak, BigAL n Wrath were all there, supercool and helpful, I picked up some gear from G and BigAL who gave me some cool training Logs, which i am putting to use, and I shot the shit with JDawg and Treetrunk for a little while, and they gave me a killer DogTag, which i proudly wore around Vegas.

Saturday morn, around quarter to 7 in the a.m. I met up with Rev8ball and his lady and did Legs for close to 3 hours at the LV athletic club. A wicked gym, thanks REV for getting me in as i had to get my workouts in even while on vacation, thats just me though I am kinda sick in the head that way. If anyones ever heading to Vegas hitup the REV for all the info, not only on gyms, but my second favorite pasttime is eating and he set me up with a list of restaurants to hit up in town, that made my vacation a vacation, especially in n out burger, in another lifetime i wanna be a 500lb guy who eats there everyday!!!!!!!!

Sunday came, and we hit up the ABC, simply nuts is all i can say. Naturalguy set us up with some Ts, as we hitup Golds, Where I got to train in and amongst all the Animals, as well Priest showed up, Branch and Troy Alves were doin a Photoshoot etc etc etc. My head was and still is up in the clouds from this entire experience.

The only thing that sucked is that we waited for over an hour and half to get a cab after the ABC at Golds. Feeling our pain was JDawg, G and BigAL as there cab took forever to get them out to the airport, and they actually caught one of the quick ones!

Just wanna say thanks to everyone and everything Animal for the tags, clothing, training logs, covering the golds gym tab, and the advice and conversations i had with everyone, it was amazing and has left us wanting more, we are already trying to figure out how to make the cage next year.

10-05-09, 9:14 am
Good to have and finally meet you my brother, glad we made it memorable for sure.

10-05-09, 9:16 am
Olympia is a great show. I've gone to it, on and off, over the years, and it's kinda sad to see what it is today. I remember when it was still at the Mandalay. That's fitting for a show like the Olympia, the premier BB event in the world. The Orleans?

10-05-09, 10:08 am
Had a great time meeting you and your girl at the O. Yeah, waiting for a taxi wasn't cool after the ABC but we eventually made it to airport on time, lol. It made for a memorable experience at least. Did you guys get some good shopping in?

10-05-09, 10:18 am
Hey J-Dawg, wayyyyy tooo much shopping. My purchases began and ended at the Compound on friday, but, we managed to do about 5-6 hrs after the ABC on sunday, and a good 10 more hrs a day on mon and tues. before we left.

i basically need a vacation from my vacation, my feet are killing me