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G Diesel
10-09-09, 6:10 pm
Greetings to ABC members, coordinators and Animal fans around the globe,

September in Review
September was a proud and productive month for the Animal Barbell Club movement with numerous gatherings being held across the country and with the East Coast and Midwest Animals gearing up for the cold months.

The fall and winter is our growth season—time to train heavy and eat large. The time has come to get big. As such, tis the season for ABC gatherings to grow in size, number and intensity.

Olympia ’09: Sin City ABC
Our biggest event of the month was a big regional event held on the Sunday following the Olympia. The Sin City ABC was no joke, held at our favorite gym in Vegas, Gold’s on Flamingo. Following two days of madness at The Compound, we tore it down at the ABC, there to bang the weights with me was a massive and motley crew that included The Freak, Wrath, Ox, Kuclo, treetrunklegs, Big Al, Vinny, naturalguy, J-Dawg, Sgt.Rock and ragingmuscle as well as delegates from the Southwest including Rev8Ball, Firedrake and Beach91 plus InkdMuscle and the whole SoCal crew. The training was live and intense and the camaraderie was at an all time high.

September also featured a big ABC event at the Body Shop in West Virginia following the House’s show, where my co-chair treetrunklegs was in attendance as well as FORVM heavyweights like scals17, littleman55, Little Z and more. Beyond that there were ABCs held in Colorado, Seattle and over the border in Southern Ontario.

October Preview
In October, there are multiple events on tap around the country including follow-up events in the very busy chapters of Colorado and Seattle both on October 17th, plus the premier gathering on VaTech’s campus run by Refuge and scals17 and on October 25th two big Animal-country locales are holding ABCs—Columbus, OH and Detroit.

In my neck of the woods, we’ll be hosting a gathering where it all started officially to mark the 2nd anniversary of the Animal Barbell Club movement—Body World Gym in South Philly. In the house with me will be Big Al, Big Ant, Vinny, naturalguy, Juggernaut, Joey D, J-Dawg, The Giant Killer, Aggression, treetrunklegs and more.

Speaking of my brother from another TTL, here’s a little of his own ABC science. Pay attention…
“As the summer months dwindle and the winter gets closer, it seems that the ABC movements could be left at a stand still. Do you guys hibernate and don’t train during the cold weather? I know I certainly don’t. There is something about grabbing the cold bar and seeing my breath as I push through, that makes me feel alive. It’s not easy, and frankly it’s harder than normal. So why not step up to the challenge and continue through the winter as if nothing has changed. I look forward to those sessions where I can actually eat after training in the bitter cold with likeminded brothers. I plan on taking the cold on full steam ahead. There are no breaks in life.” –treetrunklegs

Chapter of the Month: Central Texas
In the land of freaks, where they like everything big, they’ve been pushing the ABCs hard since the birth of our movement. From our big yearly event at Metroflex Arlington when they open their arms to Yanks like us, to their frequent gatherings in the middle of the Lone Star state, dannynb, Dingo06, OklahomaMuscle, UNTOUCHABLE and the rest of those good old boys represent Texas, Animal and the ABCs right. Much respect.

It has been a joy to see the Animal Barbell Club grow from a notion to a movement over these past two years and a true honor to be a part of that process. With your help and a renewed commitment from the entire Animal family and The U Corporate, there is nothing that will stop our rise. Here's to the next two years strong and many milestone anniversaries to come.

Until next time, go hard.

G Diesel

Wanna Be a Part of the Animal Barbell Club?
It’s easy. Find an event in your area, show up wearing your favorite Animal shirt and be ready to train, hard. If you can’t find a chapter close to you, find an interested gym, some motivated brothers and represent--take the initiative and step right up to start your own chapter by posting your details right here in a new thread on The Board http://forum.animalpak.com/forumdisplay.php?f=71 For a complete and current list of ABC chapters, click this link http://forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?t=13075

10-10-09, 12:49 am
Thanks for the write up G.
For the upcoming Metroflex Plano event we are trying to coordinate I wanted us to have one of the lifting comps you talked of in vol.4. However I can't find the thread now for the details as far as recording the stats for the event, what lifts are included and where to post up the results. Your input is greatly appreciated.

BTW, next year I'm lookin forward to liftin with you again. Shoulders Vol.3? It always ups my game for the year as well as humbles me.

10-12-09, 11:00 am
Another great write-up G. Big congrats to the Central Texas team for hosting a great Europa ABC at MetroFlex. Way to represent Animal.

10-12-09, 1:09 pm
Fires me up! Ready for more ABC action brothers. Jersey and DE next baby. Let's do this!


10-12-09, 1:17 pm
Another great write-up G. Big congrats to the Central Texas team for hosting a great Europa ABC at MetroFlex. Way to represent Animal.


10-13-09, 5:38 pm
Great writeup, G.! Vegas was certainly fun!

Mr. Aestheticz
10-13-09, 5:40 pm
Nice Wirte!

Let'em Know Ttl!!!!

10-13-09, 5:40 pm
Good Reads my man G. Layin down the law as usual brother. Good things.

10-28-09, 10:05 pm
Bring the cold...