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10-13-09, 10:18 pm
This past weekend we Canadians celebrated our Thanksgiving. This is the time of year when traditionally we give thanks for another bountiful season and reflect upon all that we have in order to prepare ourselves mentally for the cold and bitter winter.

I myself find I have much to be thankful for. I have a strong support system in my parents, sister and grandmother. These people have laid the foundation that has enabled me to become the young man I am. They are there to remind me when I fall short of my moral standards and will give me clear direction when I don’t know how to proceed during trying times. As the saying goes... blood is thicker than water and nothing could be more true. No matter what happens they are there for both myself and my daughter and I will be there for them.

Next I have my closest friends. My “brothers” as it were. The term “bro” is thrown around too much today, but these few have garnered my respect, admiration, and fidelity. Blood is thicker than water. My brothers are the ones with whom and for whom I have shed blood (and sweat) over the years. They are the ones who have supported me in ways a family cannot and I love them for it. I suppose that here is the reason for this whole post. There are a few such individuals on this forum and I feel that this needed to be said. You know who you are. You have helped sustain me through this trying time in my personal life and I thank you for your continuing support. There really are no words to express my gratitude and I hope to one day have the chance to demonstrate how much you mean to me by giving back to you in turn. If ever you are in need, call on me. I tender my most sincere apologies if I have fallen short of my responsibilities as a brother to any of you and hereby resolve to do better.

I thank God for all of my blessings, most of all the people dearest to me. I may not have much in the way of material wealth, but I count myself among the most fortunate in the world. Thank you my friends for enriching me.

10-14-09, 10:22 am
Great post Stiff. Keep doing your thing brother. Stay strong.

10-14-09, 11:08 am
Amen Stiff, and happy thanksgiving to ya, I believe everyone on this forum has a lot to be thankful for family, friends, support from not only this board but in life as well. For us to have the ability to simply enjoy training and eating in the manner we do, in comparison to war torn and third world countries is something to be truly grateful for.

In regards to the forvm, the ability to exchange info and gain support is simply invaluable, and even though the weights we lift, we do so on our own, having Universal as a co. and the forvm behind us its as if we have an extra "boost" to help us meet, then set, new goals. Its truly a positive place, and bodybuilding and life in general, needs that positive energy.

All in all I hope u had a great thanksgiving Stiff, I too have lots to b thankful for, and just wanna echo your comments and say thanks to you as well for your contributions on this board, it all helps bro

10-14-09, 11:22 am
I am also thankful for Metallica, they played thanksgiving nite here in Winnipeg, and were amazing!!!!!!

10-14-09, 11:46 am
i am thankful for myself ;)

my gym, my food, the fact our lives in north america are very easy compared to other parts of the world. my health, sylvain grenier (wrestling coach), my friends and some members of my family LOL

10-14-09, 1:45 pm
Great post Stiff! I know myself I have so much to be thankful for...good times!