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11-05-09, 1:05 pm
Hello guys , just posting cuz i wanna know how to get cut with diet, excercises, i meann i wanna know the procces i should follow to do it..

im 6,1 215lbs

im pure muscle but i cant see me cut, people tell all times you re big but u r not cut..

should i improve my diet to do it??

my current diet contendS:::::milk, rice, outmeal, potatoes, fruits, A LOT OF MEAT, veggis thats it...i use whey, animal pak and pump...

and what should i do with excersises? do i have to do more reps less weight?? and for how long??

thanks guys for posting back :D

11-05-09, 1:29 pm
Cutting is based ALOT on your diet .. Post up your exact diet now, not just the list of what you eat so we can better assess where your at.

11-05-09, 1:46 pm
the general rule of thumb is to cut about 500 cals from your daily diet, but there is no set principle as we are all different. watever you do, do nut under any circumstances try to crash diet (seems like a stupid point), i once got caught up in that a few years ago after i got some bad advice and i lost heaps of weigh but i also looked like shit with the loss of most of my muscle (thats wat you get for being young and stupid).

1 - get either a caliper set, measuring tape or something else that can monitor yourself with (dont rely on scales they can be very very decieving)
2 - the foods in your diet look good (eggs/chicken could be added just for variety unless you dnt like em)
3 - you dont have to drop the weight and add reps that is just a urban myth
4 - you gota think about adding some cardio in (im a fan of HIT, it jacks up your metabolism almost like a full on work out
5 - dont over do it with too much of everything at once
6 - go through some of the forums there is plenty of people giving advice on lots of stuff and you can find intersting points here and there that will help you

Lastly just prepare and stick with it the results arent always fast to appear even though they are probably happeining (good to take a before and after picture coz you mite forget wat you looked before and shit gets into your - somethin else from my personal experience)

Train hard eat good and you make it no sweat (well you know wat i mean)

11-05-09, 1:57 pm
if your pure muscle like you claim but your not cut, something is horribly wrong.

dilusionary wise or vocabulary wise.

ps, a simple question like that can be found with the search key

11-05-09, 11:03 pm
if your pure muscle like you claim but your not cut, something is horribly wrong.

dilusionary wise or vocabulary wise.

ps, a simple question like that can be found with the search key

lol, i was thinking the same thing pro. pure muscle would mean your exactly that...no fat.

11-06-09, 7:31 am
215 at 18yrs is quite beastly if ur BF is okish!...
sounds like u might have some serious genetic potential...
instead of cutting, why dont u really test urself & concentrate on gettin hOOOYGE until ur 21?
then ull have a solid base to carve out...if ur 215 now, i dont see why u couldnt be a 240ish monster by the time ur 21.... just eat clean, dont overdo the cals too much and get some decent cardio goin, the fat will reduce... 18!!!! ur just starting to peak hormonally!!! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!!!...whats ur diet look like?

11-07-09, 1:57 pm
thank guys nice info...

lol....by the way vocabulary wise..big muscle but not cut...

i dont know violator , im trying to do it step by step cuz i dont wanna get that hugee...but i will think of what u said jeje...

my current diet:.

meal 1:: 5 eggs, milk
meal 2:: Rice, beans, and beef or chicken
meal 3::outmeal, 3 bananas, milk , guacamole
meal 4::wheat bread, jam, chicken
meal 5:: 2 eggs, orange juice...

thats it sometimes protein shakes twice a week...

supps.::right now just animal pak, before i used animal pump..

11-07-09, 1:58 pm
yeah i do cardio all mondays and fridays..