View Full Version : I want to be big!!!

11-15-09, 6:02 pm
I always trained for sports, but sports didnt provide me with the future i expected( turns out im not the best wrestler out there). So now im fighting back at those wegihts to grow about and to relive my stress. Im getting hooked the more i lift the more i want to. I just stoped a 5x5 routine and am now following the mass building rutine i found here. I will try to post my lifts every day.

In plan for monday:

tricep pushdowns 2x10
partial dips 2x10
dumbell tricep extensions 2x10
incline db curls 2x10
hammer curls 2x10
cable curls 2x10

my understanding is that i must lift as much weight as i can for 10 reps, no more otherwise i need more weight, and to really squeeze and flex my muscle and feel it the whole way. Well im going to go into war on monday so wish me luck, i will let you know how my 195pnd frame makes it.