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11-17-09, 12:38 am
I work at Fitness 19 in Evansville, IN as a personal trainer, and I had two things happen today that really opened my eyes to how shitty and lazy people really are....

I was setting some Hammer Strength machines up for my first client, we do a huge full-body circuit. She's a whopping 5'0 weighing 107 lbs., so I took a 45 lb. plate off of the first machine and just sat it on the floor. Well, this douche bag who's helping us open the gym goes "I'm not picking up after the trainers, fuck"......Just a total dickhead move right in front of my client. I ALWAYS re-rack my equipment when I'm finished with it. He proceeded to tell me that I was a "meat head" and that "old school" attitude doesn't make money in this gym. That got me fired up. I take my clients through an hour of hell like I do myself, and then I let them out. They absolutely love it. That old school, meat-head attitude is what works, not the other bullshit. I cannot imagine how pissed he was when I did heavy deads in there tonight!

The second thing I saw today gives proof that no one in this world has an excuse NOT to go to the gym. We have 3 members at our gym named Kenny, Shiloh, and Greg. Kenny fell off his roof 4 years ago and is confined to a wheel chair and cannot speak properly. Shiloh cannot use his legs, and walks on canes attatched to both his hands, and Greg is blind. Yet those three come in and get a good hour's worth of work in. I was getting my lift in after my last client, and Kenny needed help onto the preacher curl machine. I was glad to help, but after I helped him up, I overheard a lady go "this is so hard, i'm going home". We have three members who have every right in the fucking world to not workout, and they don't let that stop them. Nobody has an excuse after today as far as I'm concerned. Not a soul.

I guess you could say I saw both the worst and the best in people today while I was at work. It may not seem like a whole lot, but it's one of those things where you just have to be there to witness it....Just thought this would be a fitting place to air it out......

11-19-09, 3:51 am
True bro. What you saw that day was very moving. And it made me realise how fortunate we are to be able to work out. Many people just don't have the previleges that we take for granted every day, like being able to walk or to see and hear.

Thank you for posting this.

11-19-09, 12:51 pm
No problem bro! Last night I had another altercation with that same guy who's helping us open the gym, because it's still brand new basically.....I was doing arms last night, and man was I the zone! He was showing a few people the gym, right at 6:00 when a good group of hardcore lifters (members of the So. IN ABC) were in there, and I was doing overhead tricep extensions with an EZ Bar, and I sat it down after my last set, and he thought i threw it down,....he threatened to fire me over it, and its not even his gym!

But yeah, those three that I mentioned always come in and get a good hour or so of lifting in, at least 3 to 4 times a week. We have some members who just don't use their memberships.....it's such bullshit....and then they wonder why they aren't seeing results....I just can't stand when people are that lazy and don't realize how grateful they are just to walk or see or speak, just like you said. I've always been grateful to be able to do the things I love, but since I started this job in August, it's really driven that point home to me.....