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12-24-09, 12:24 am
I have been lucky enough to be selected for the testing of this fantastic product. the ingredient list is absolutely impressive.

Background info:

name: Jon
weight: 225lbs
height: 5 foot 6

I am in the middle of my bulk. I do not believe in a "clean" bulk, i believe in eating, lifting till you are throwing up, eating some more, and then sleeping.

My current diet is as follows:

meals 1-5: 60protein, 32 fat, 50carbs
meal 6: 32fat, 60protein
(animal pak, animal omega, and animal flex thrown into every other meal)

post-workout shake: 10grams BCAA, 10grams Creatine, 10 Grams glutamine, 70grams Waxy Maize

intra-shake: poweraid, mixed with EAA stack and caffeine.


M: back (abs+calves)
T: chest
W: shoulders
Th: hams and quads (abs+calves)
F: arms

I cannot wait for the package to come in the mail and keep a log on how i feel about the product and how the product makes my workouts even better.

12-24-09, 9:29 am
cant wait to see your thoughts on z bro...subbed

12-30-09, 1:50 am
hopefully i will get Z in today (Wednesday). I have been amping up my lifts this week, because depending on how i look on Saturday, i might start cutting down for the mid-atlantic show in april.

12-30-09, 7:16 pm
the nice ups man dropped off a little surprise for me while i was at the gym. Cant wait to take my first serving of Z!

12-31-09, 3:45 pm
day #1

I took my first dose of Z yesterday. I killed my shoulders with countless presses, front/side/rear raises, and some burn out up-right rows. My right shoulder was incredibly sore even after the workout.

I woke up this morning feeling like i had an incredible deep sleep, in which i did not want to wake up from. my shoulder feels very very good, its still a bit sore, but not as bad as i thought it was going to be.

i already hit my ham+quad day today, which was the following:

laying ham curl (15,12,10)
seated ham curl (15,12,10)
bent over one leg curls (15,12,10)

squats: 5x5, 1x8

old school hack squats off the floor (15,12,10)

seated calf raises supersetted with one foot standing calf raise

various lower ab excises.

tomorrow and saturday will be the testing ground for project Z.

12-31-09, 5:01 pm
very cool man...looks like you killed it in the gym...cant wait to see how your body responds to Z

01-01-10, 5:16 pm
all my posts are going to contain how i feel when i wake up in the morning and post what workout i am doing that day.

day #2

i took my second serving of Z on NYE, at around 5am, for that is when i went to bed. My shoulders are completly sore free. I only got around 4 hours of sleep. (keep in mind, i trained legs on New Years). My legs are tired, but not very very sore. Tomrrow, according to the DoM theory, they should be pretty shot.

I decided to hit up arms with the other dedicated older guys at the gym today.

4 biceps exercises focusing mainly on the outerpeak/forearms.
4 triceps exercises focusing on all three heads + close grip bench press. i fucking love CGBP
4 sets of reverse curls till failure

my forearms are usually always very sore/tired from everyday activities. So hopefuly, tomorrow morning i will feel perfect.

Sleeping again was amazing, even with 4 hours of sleep, i felt great.

01-02-10, 3:59 pm
day #3

i slept for around 12 hours last night to make up for the 4 i got yesterday.

my legs are NOT Sore at all!!! My biceps are a little tense. I cant tell about my triceps yet because they show soreness 2 days after i work them.

so far i am absolutely loving this Z. I cannot wait for 1 week on this stuff. haha, i want to hit the gym up now because of how fresh i feel.

01-02-10, 8:52 pm
So the pattern I am seeing is it takes about a day and a half for the full effect?

M - Take Z
T - Little sore - Take Z
W - Soreness gone from M - Little sore - Take Z
R - Soreness gone from T- Little sore - Take Z
F - Soreness gone from W - Little sore - Take Z
S - Soreness gone from R - Little sore - Take Z
Sun - Soreness gone from F - Little sore - Take Z

rinse repeat.

01-02-10, 9:42 pm
So the pattern I am seeing is it takes about a day and a half for the full effect?

M - Take Z
T - Little sore - Take Z
W - Soreness gone from M - Little sore - Take Z
R - Soreness gone from T- Little sore - Take Z
F - Soreness gone from W - Little sore - Take Z
S - Soreness gone from R - Little sore - Take Z
Sun - Soreness gone from F - Little sore - Take Z

rinse repeat.

lso far it seems like it. I just know that certain parts of my body only show soreness 24 hours after being hit.

Its like, the day after im not as sore as i thought i was going to be, and 2 days, i feel like i haven't even hit that bodypart. i cannot even describe how much i am loving this product so far.

01-03-10, 10:26 am
glad your liking it man....you and me both.

01-03-10, 7:19 pm
Day #4

sat and sunday are rest days, so im not seeing how i feel from those days, but how da muscles feel from thursday/friday.

My legs are perfect. I wish i could have squatted today. My triceps, as usual start to show signs of soreness on sundays, they are a little bit sore, but not as much as i thought it was going to be.

01-04-10, 9:31 pm
day #5. i couldnt sleep very well last night. I still did my typical back routine.

barbell rows
iso-close grip pull downs
dumbbell rows

dead lifts (15,12,10)

cable pull down for the pump

followed by 20 minutes of walking.

my calories have been cut down, i am entering a maintaining phase right now. the diet is as follows:

meals 1-5: 16g fat, 40g carbs, 60g protein
meal 6: 16g fat, 60g protein

postworkout: same

intra: poweraide zero

so far, even with the little sleep, i still feel very fresh and ready to go.

01-05-10, 6:02 pm
day #6.

I got a nice solid 8 hours of sleep. My cat did not do his usual sit by my head and purr insanely loud, so it was a good night.

my back is a little tight, but nothing too sore. i feel like i can hit back again today if i didnt do chest. My dreams have been crazy as well. typical meat head type dreams. for example,

I had a dream where i was stuck in a supermarket where i couldnt find any protein. It was just vegetables and fruit. So i ran to the drink isle, in hopes to find a protein shake. but no, endless shelves of sugar-free red bull.

i destroyed chest today. My main object for chest to is really focus on my upper pecs. Not just the "upper" part, but rather the meat right near the clavicle. hitting a side-chest pose looks bad-ass when you have a shelf on man-chest-meat pumped up.

flat bb bench
incline bb bench
bodyweight dips
incline hammer strength
flat db flies
cable incline flies

upper abs/obliques

seated calf raise.

01-05-10, 6:07 pm
my sleep has been outstanding as well, and yeah man, i have had some crazy dreams as well...probally cuz im in such a deep sleep.

01-05-10, 11:23 pm
my sleep has been outstanding as well, and yeah man, i have had some crazy dreams as well...probally cuz im in such a deep sleep.

i think most people on "Z" how exactly how this "sleep" feels. Its like a mini-hibernation.

01-07-10, 4:01 pm
day #7 (wed)

First time i actually woke up sore. My chest always kills the day after. My back is completely sore-free (woot).

I did a quick 30/45 minute shoulder workout with one of the top amateur NJ BB, buddy system shoulder pressin' "you go, i go" no rest in between..good shit.

day #8 (thurs)

my right shoulder is a little stiff right now, but it always bothers me. My chest feels great, its a little stiff, but once i got to stretching it out, it was fine.

destroyed legs today, so hopefully tomorrow they should feel pretty good.

week #1 summary

I absolutely love this product so far. My dreams have been very solid, and i wake up feeling very refreshed, but at the same time, like i dont want to leave my bed because of how good it feels.

my muscles are not as sore as i always think they will be, and by 48 hours afterwards, i dont feel like i worked them out.

01-08-10, 2:46 pm
day #9 (friday)

my legs are tired. very very very tired. Going up and down stairs is very annoying.

instead of doing low-reps "heavy"weight, aka 5x5, i did volume training. 8-15 reps moderate to heavy weight, to really shock the muscles.

i have a huge knot in my right bicep. hopefully, tonight after i massage it for hours on end, it will be ready for the grueling upper appendicular muscle beat down i have in store.

hammer curls
barbell curls
close grip curls
cross body cable curls

overhead-db extension
close grip bench press
some sort of skull crusher
close grip pronated cable push down

20 mins cardio (booooooring)

01-09-10, 9:12 pm
day #10 (saturday)

i blasted arms yesterday with my buddy. good times. lots of drop sets, super sets. only one problem...i didnt sleep very well last night. I only got around 5.5/6 hours of sleep. my arms are tired, but not sore. I am sure tomorrow when DOMS hits, they will feel a little sore.

01-11-10, 12:22 am
a wonnnnderful 10 hours of sleep. Today was my mom's birthday, so i took off from work and hung out with her all day. both her and my brother are fans of the packers and with their lose, there was alot of yelling going on last night.

i am so amped to workout tomorrow. I love how i am feeling with "Z", i always feel refreshed and ready to tackle the weights. i am not sure how many of you caught the finals for world's strongest man, but watching them lift makes me want to deadlift so bad. Monday = day 1 of the routine = deadlifts. God i fucking love mondays.

01-11-10, 8:27 pm
day #12

as usual, i am feeling insanely refreshed. Even with 8 hours of sleep, my body is just so calm and relaxed, that i hit the snooze button. Its like it knows it wants to heal the muscles that much!!!

i did back today with one of my co-workers at the gym. We did high volume with crazy super sets. Chinups ss with barbell rows, iso-rows superseted with T-bar rows....fucking killer session.

01-12-10, 6:03 pm
day #13.

1st day i actually feel like shit. I didnt sleep well at all last night. I kept waking up every 45 minutes. I still dragged myself to the gym, i am extremely tired and sore right now. My body does not want to move...so im going to be laying down alot today as well as getting 10+ hours of sleep tonight.

01-15-10, 3:55 pm
day# 14 (wednesday) 2 weeeeeeks on project Z and lovin it!
My lower back was very tight. my chest was sore and my shoulders were tired as fuck to move. I still felt pretty decent with a shitty amount of sleep.

destroyed legs...you know when its a good leg day when after some leg pressin, you fall off the sled and onto the ground practically drooling on yourself.

day #15 (thursday)
my legs ARRRREEEEE tired as fuck. stairs were invented during a time when people did not squat. i hate stairs.....HATE THEM!

i blasted shoulders today, doing some nice standing one arm db presses, after watching poundstone doing a 210lb db for reps, i had to start doin them! after that, i did supersets for the rest of the workout:

lat raises ss upright rows
reverse peck deck ss plate front raises

day #16 (friday)

my shoulders are no where near as sore as i thought there were going to be. my right forearm is bothering me a little bit, so i took it easy today on arms and decided to just do lighter weight for more reps. GREAT pump.

01-19-10, 6:42 pm
day#17 (sat)
arms feel very very refreshed.

day# ZxxxZ (sun)
i didnt take project Z last night. It was one of my friend's birthdays and we went out and got home very late. I completely forgot to pack food for the trip (night), and i didnt think it was a smart idea to drive while being intoxicated.

day#18 (mon)
lots of sleep, but im still kinda out of it from saturday night. deadlifts did not feel good at all today. But i pushed my way through. i decided to superset everything after deads, because i wanted to go home. lol.

day #19 (tues)
i woke up feeeeeling amazing today. Such a nice deep sleep. wrecked chest today, real bad. incline flies opened up the day for me. There i went right into incline barbell presses. flat barbell presses. After this i was getting tired, decided to do some incline hammer strength presses. finished off with some decline cable presses.

01-25-10, 11:18 pm
sorry i have not posted in a while.

well, as expected project Z is making sure i wake up feeling fucking fantastic.

but wait......i actually got myself to feel soreness!

friday to sunday (day#22-24) i was sore. i did clean and presses and got a new pr of 225. the clean portion of the lift really was a new stimulus for me and it made me sore as fuck. im glad though, i thought i was being a pussy in the gym because of how well project z was making me feel.

im sadden by the fact i only have a few days left on this product. It was a great ride and im very happy universal allowed me to beta test this amazing product.

01-26-10, 11:24 pm

even with heavy deads and crazy back super sets. im feeling pretty nice and loose. if i retract my shoulder blades i feel my back tense up, but its not super sore.

i had maybe one of the worst chest workouts today. I just was not in the mood to bench. :-\ oh well.

01-30-10, 4:06 pm
day # 27-30.

finished up with project Z.

Final word (opinion) on this product.

I love it. I had crazy good sleeps and amazing dreams. I always woke up feeling very refreshed and charged to hit the weights. I would recommend this product to anyone.

I will def. be picking it up once it goes on sale.