View Full Version : Happy holidays

12-24-09, 4:23 am
Just wanted to wish all you animals a happy holidays season. Eat up, if you can, and enjoy the time with your friends and family. To the ones overseas thanks again for your dedication and we all appreciate the work you do.

12-24-09, 9:12 am
X2 everyone, safe and happy holiday season, tonnes of time with family and friends and all the best 2 ya from the Beach

12-24-09, 3:41 pm
Wanted to wish the the SoCal crew and all my exteneded animal family a merry xmas. I hope all of you can enjoy time with your families.

To the ANIMALS serving our country, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your bravery and selflessness. If you cant be with your families may you find joy in cheer in everything you can do.

12-25-09, 2:25 am
merry christmas all from australia. enjoy your food, family and friends. to all my animals overseas, australian and US, stay safe and ill see you all soon.