View Full Version : 50 Yr Old Father

01-07-10, 9:39 pm
Just looking for some recommendations on post workout recovery. My father is in his 50s and still works out. He is around 270-280 pounds around 15% BF. He is looking for something "I don't need to get any larger" to help him with his recovery because it is starting to take a toll on him if he misses a couple days. He still works out around 4 times a week with cardio, even though he has a hip replacement 2 years ago.

01-08-10, 9:43 am
Torrent is our best post-workout recovery formula, hands down.

01-08-10, 9:48 am
I looked that up for him but i don't think he is intrested in taking in creatine mono, unless anyone thinks he won't get too large with it.

01-08-10, 9:57 am
The creatine in Torrent won't get anyone 'huge'. Creatine is a supplement used to help aid in strength, endurance, and muscle mass. But to gain legit 'mass', you need to eat for mass. Taking Torrent won't all of a sudden make him gain 10lbs of mass. Its all about the diet bro. He should be fine with Torrent.