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01-13-10, 7:31 pm
My can got here today.. Looks like everyone else here has a pretty good headstart on me, but that's okay, I've been following the logs and the anticipation has been great.

Age: 20
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 205lb
Composition: 15% BF

M-Stak (just started cycle today, in conjunction with Z)
Real Gains

Mon: Chest/Calves
Tues: Arms/Abs
Wed: Legs
Thurs: Shoulders
Fri: Back (or Sunday, depending on work and feel)
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest (or possibly back)

I hope Z will enable me to hit things each day feeling fresh and with renewed energy. I've taken rest weeks before, and that first workout or two back is a great feeling.. Full energy and perfectly recovered. I'd love to feel close to that on a consistent basis.

Work is slow right now for about another month, so my sleep and diet has been on point. When the 20+ hour days start coming, this is a product I hope can help me stay at my best.

I just got back from training legs today, so I am really looking forward to giving Z a try tonight. You can find the journey entry here. (http://forum.animalpak.com/showpost.php?p=881753&postcount=142)

01-13-10, 8:27 pm
glad to see you finally got it, cant wait to see if you like it.

01-15-10, 12:25 am
Okay, first a little backstory. For a long time I was having a lot of trouble getting restful sleep. I'd wake up in the morning and it would feel like I needed another 10 hours of sleep, I'd be halfway through a day at work and craving a nap. About 2 months ago I decided to cut caffeine out of my diet, and what a difference. I feel consistently better rested and my quality of sleep has increased vastly.. I can make it through a day and never feel tired.

Unfortunately, this means that when I take the stim pills in Pump, I typically suffer the consequences at night.

A lot of guys seem to be reporting increased ability/quality/quantity of sleep at night. Yesterday, before I worked legs (2:30pm) I slammed down Pump and M-Stak (w. the stim pills) and proceeded to have a great workout.

About 30 mins before bed (11pm) I put back Z. Went to bed, stared at the ceiling for about an hour, and proceeded to wake up 3 times during the night.. It would seem that's the price I pay for caffeine consumption.

Tonight I am stim free and I am going to see how I feel. I anticipate things will take a couple days to reach full effectiveness.

Now, onto the matters of how I feel. When I woke up this morning I felt pretty much the same as any other morning, legs felt like toast. As I sit here tonight, my quads are definitely sore as well as my hamstrings, pretty much on par with average.

What I did notice that was positive: when I was putting my workboots on in the morning, I could do it standing on one leg, rather than turning it into an awkward balancing act or putting my foot on the kitchen counter. When I had to squat down and pick something up off the floor today, it wasn't a struggle to get back up. I was using a ladder and climbing on various things, and my mobility was great.

So, while my legs still FEEL like they've been beaten, they were generally working much better than normal today (for the day after a workout)... And that definitely counts for a lot.

Little Z
01-15-10, 4:36 am
about damn time.. HAHAHA glad that you finally got it.. definitely worth the wait..

01-16-10, 1:03 am
Just took my Z to cap off another day.

Last night I hit shoulders, and today they feel great. I don't typically get soreness when I hit them other than traps, but things feel notably better than normal. My legs, however, were still sore most of the day.

Sleep last night was restless, woke up a twice that I can remember. I'd love to get sleeping nailed down better, I used to be able to go the whole night no problem.

01-17-10, 12:26 am
Woke up this morning feeling.. Well... Nice. Just overall fresh and rested.

Currently I am not experiencing soreness in any bodypart. Gonna hit back tomorrow, I am craving some heavy deads which usually leave me feeling pretty beat up, so that will be a good test.

01-17-10, 12:57 am
brother, you're gonna need to pull heavy, or else the Z will knock out the soreness from deads!

01-18-10, 12:01 am
brother, you're gonna need to pull heavy, or else the Z will knock out the soreness from deads!

Well, I did, and I completely deserve to be sore tomorrow - lets see how that works out.

01-19-10, 12:39 am
Well, I did, and I completely deserve to be sore tomorrow - lets see how that works out.

Apparently pretty good - had some decent soreness in the lower back and traps set in this afternoon. Not intense, but average I'd say. It WAS a PR day, so I'd feel a little sad if I wasn't feeling it at least a bit today..

Sleep was average last night, woke up only once, was awakened just prior to my alarm with my body telling me I urgently had to drain the main vein - too much water before bed lol.

01-20-10, 12:03 am
Despite the fact that my back still has some soreness going on, I wouldn't even know I hit chest yesterday by the feel of it right now.

Sleep last night was extremely restless however. Staring at the cieling for 30 mins before I passed out, woke up 5 or 6 times + 15 mins before alarm. I just want solid sleep!

01-22-10, 5:30 pm
Hit chest Monday, arms Tuesday, legs Wednesday, and shoulders yesterday.

Monday my chest felt great the next day, tight but fine. DOMS set in a little the next day, but only a little.

Arms are rarely sore for me, and this was the case this week as well.

Wednesday I botched the form on BB lunges and messed my knee up a bit. It hurt a lot the rest of the day, and the next, but now (2 days later) it's feeling very very good.. I anticipated having a significant amount of pain for at least 4 or 5 days so this is very pleasant.

Last night I hit shoulders, they are feeling very tired today but I haven't had any soreness as of yet.

Sleep has been average. Still waking up at least once a night, it still hasn't been feeling as restful as I would desire and I wake up wanting more.

01-22-10, 5:34 pm
how many hours of sleep are you getting? when you get up are u awake or still groggy?

01-22-10, 5:40 pm
I get at least 8 a night.

When I wake in the morning, I just desire more sleep - if I lay my head back down, I pass out no problem. Once I am up and slam some hot water on my face and brush my teeth though things get better. Probably not a very unnatural feeling, but I know it can be better. There have been times in my life that waking up feeling rested was a normal thing. My sleep feels light lately.. Noises and things wake me up easily, when normally they wouldn't. Getting to sleep has been harder too it seems.

01-24-10, 8:47 pm
I've been off the past 2 nights and seemed to get really solid sleep.

Went in to hit back today feeling recovered. No bodypart felt tired or sore.

Knee is feeling really good under normal use, though there is still pain doing certain things with it, but it's been recovering much better than I expected.

01-25-10, 10:35 am
Just making sure I'm subbed to this willah. Looking very solid in here.

01-27-10, 12:09 am

After my back session everything felt awesome in the morning, I did not experience any significant DOMS (just a bit).

Monday I hit chest, took Z as per usual. Woke up in the middle of the night, chest felt like it was stretching apart slowly! Went back to sleep and everything felt great in the AM, with only a little DOMS today. My calves are more sore than usual as I did some heavy work for a change.

Just about to put back Z to top off another day here. Hit arms not too long ago, was a stellar workout overall, lets see how dead they are tomorrow.

01-30-10, 12:17 am
Fallout from Tuesdays arm session was almost non existent. A very small dose of pain in my tri's from the DB extensions, but everything felt very very good.

Wednesday I hit legs. Calves were still sorta sore from Monday. It wasn't a big or crazy session as my knee still isn't ready for a real beating, but I got a good quad pump going and felt like I at least accomplished something. Knee has been healing up better than expected, although I can't tell what has caused this.

Sleep is still hit or miss. A couple really good nights of sleep on the weekend, but others still very light and unrestful.

I have 14 more packs of Z left in the can, 2 weeks worth. Work has been pretty crazy the past week so I've been somewhat scarce around here, and it looks like it will continue that way for another few weeks, maybe months. Squeezing in work and workouts is where I am really interested to see if Z can help my body balance the demands.

02-02-10, 12:48 am
Work schedule has been messing with my training schedule lately, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

Z has still been on track however. Not a lot to report, what with the lack of training the past three days. I just got back from a very solid chest session however.

The past two nights I had very good sleep, woke up feeling amazing and that sensation stayed throughout the day. The kind of feeling like you're rested and balanced. Head is clear and quick, and you feel right on top of things.. Good feeling.

02-03-10, 9:49 pm
After Monday's session, I didn't have any significant DOMS Tuesday or today in my chest of my calves.

Tuesday hit arms, and it's about 24 hours later now and they feel perfect. Very very tired and weak in the AM but normal now. I did wake up to pee three times last night, not normal..

I hit legs today, my knee was feeling about 80% and it was a very good session. Hamstrings were killed thoroughly and are really feeling it at the moment.

02-05-10, 12:39 am
Hamstrings and inner thighs felt like death today, was walking like a cripple all day lol.

Did good mornings and hopped on the hip adductor for the first time ever yesteday and they really tore those regions up.

02-06-10, 8:37 pm
Wednesdays leg session had me super sore for all of Thursday and Friday, way more sore than normal.

Still having trouble getting to and staying asleep, having to wake up to piss a lot (3-4 times a night).

Trained shoulders today, was a good session and they feel great but spent right now.

02-09-10, 12:23 am
No shoulder issues or pain after last session.

Sunday I hit back. It was a short session - I had worked 12 hours with only 1 opportunity for a meal prior to that so I was very tired but I summoned what energy I had and poured it into that session.

Tonight I hit up chest. Just a little bit of pain when I flex my back, nothing other than that. I had pretty decent sleep last night as well.