View Full Version : Kevlar's Project Z journey

01-26-10, 6:17 pm
Sup everyone. Just got my Z a few days ago. Have taken it for three nights before I posted. I usually take a few days before saying anything to ensure my results are consistent and not imangined. I have found with this that I sleep straight through like a rock and wake up normally without feeling drugged. I have been lifting with intensity and fury. I have been sore, but I have been a little sick at the same time. I will keep my results posted with details, but am at work now.

01-26-10, 6:34 pm
good stuff man...looks like its working well for ya.

01-29-10, 6:55 pm
Just came back from a week out of town with work. Lifted while out of town, took project Z without missing a day. Today when hitting chest, I felt charged as I pushed harder and harder looking forward to fighting fatigue and breaking barriers. Tomorrow is the one week on this, which is when I believe it is truly safe to comment on effects. I can't wait to be in the period after a week of trying this. Wed I did weighted pull ups with a 45 lb for sets. I was not sore the next day. I miss being sore, but was surprised that I wasn't.

Will post more soon. It is nice to know that I am finally getting rest and recovery like I should...

02-06-10, 2:39 am
okay its been almost 2 weeks. Except for the sleep assistance, I have been hesitant to conclude results are definitely from project Z. But today's leg day was beyond normal. Being that it has been almost 2 weeks on project Z, i feel more confident that this could be a result of this new product. I have been stuck at a 3 rep max on squats at 385 for a year. Today I warmed up on the leg press and ended up squatting 405 x 3 and felt great. I can't wait to see how my legs feel after sleeping tonight with Project Z in me. What a fucking awesome day in the gym. Beautiful and violent at the same time.

02-24-10, 6:04 pm
Hey Kevlar, any final thoughts on Z?

02-24-10, 6:10 pm
This stuff is gonna be a life saver for me, cause any slightest sound or movement stirs me. Can't wait to get my hands on some to try.