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03-01-10, 7:55 pm
Tired of getting complacent when I see myself getting within reach of my overall goal, slacking for one reason or another and losing my gains and going around in the same circle over and over haha. Time to start keeping everything written down and start this log and give myself some accountability.

First week back after about a month - month and a half off, stats are as follows:

Height: 6'4
Weight: 210
BF%: guessing 11-12%

This week, not writing any #'s down or following a workout routine since that first week usually ends in me being pissed at myself at how my weights have gone down haha. Today was chest and a bit of tris, but like I said, no set routine this week and no writing weights down but anyways heres what I did today

Incline BB press: 135x15 185x10
Incline DB press: 65x12 75x11 85x7
Incline Iso press machine: 2 light sets to failure (took approx 12-15 reps)
Flat DB flyes: 35x10 35x10
Chest fly machine: 3 sets

Cable pressdowns (underhand cambered bar): 3 sets
EZ Bar skull krushers: 65x10 75x9 75x6 (tris felt fried by this point)
Single arm underhand cable ext: 2 sets to failure

My daily split is Mon/chest and some tris, Tues/back and some bis, Wed/legs, Thurs/shoulders and traps, Friday/bis tris and forearms, sometimes I'll hit the gym and make a Saturday/optional "whatever I didnt feel I hit hard enough that week"

So fellas any input is welcome, and I welcome anybody who would like to come along for the journey, lets get down to business.

03-01-10, 8:09 pm
Starting next week chest/tris day is going to be this:
I'm omitting flat presses for a few weeks on purpose

Incline BB or DB press: 4 sets (possibly 2 sets of each)
Decline BB press: 3-4 sets
Dips: 3 sets
Incline Hammer Strength: 2 sets
Cable Crossovers: 3 sets
Machine flyes: 2 sets to failure
Skull krushers: 3 sets
Overhead rope extensions: 3 sets
Underhand tri extensions: 2 failure sets

03-02-10, 1:38 pm
Woke up late today, only had time to get 2 quick meals in. Gainer shake in 2% milk first thing when I woke up then my Animal Flex, and a toasted fried egg and ham sandwich on wheat about an hour and a half later and BA.

About to get my pre wo NO and Creatine in and get ready to get a back workout in.

03-02-10, 2:06 pm
Solid start my man. Keep rockin.

03-02-10, 6:45 pm
Solid start my man. Keep rockin.

Thanks man

Quick back workout today and pressed for time today (wasnt happy about it), just getting back in the swing of things

Deadlifts: 135x12 225x8 295x5 295x5
Lat pulldowns: one of the machines with #'d plates rather than pound amounts so 10x12 12x10 13x10
DB rows: 70x10 (3 sets)

Guess I took too long off because my hams were on fire by the end of the 3rd set of deads haha. Decent workout though considering the time constraints.

03-03-10, 12:52 am
Animal Pump showed up today so I'm really excited to get started on that tomorrow. Had a nice surprise when I went to my aunts house to pick the AP up, remembered I had about 15-20 Animal Pak multis in one of my boxes from when I moved... Opened up the box and found around 30, and a brand new unopened container of paks that I forgot I bought a while back haha.

Tomorrow should be a good day, despite being leg day haha.

03-03-10, 7:28 pm
Little distracted today, but still got a good workout in today

single leg ext w/u: 40x15 (3 sets)
hack squats: 180x12 180x10 200x8
leg ext: 180x12 (2 sets)
leg press single leg: 90x15 2 sets
leg press: 360x10 450x10 540x8 450x8
SLDL's: 135x15 185x10 225x8 185x8
leg ext: 150x10 (3 sets)
seated leg curls: 130x12 130x10

03-03-10, 9:06 pm
Nice leg workout, keep up the work!

03-05-10, 10:07 am
Nice leg workout, keep up the work!

Thanks man.

Real solid shoulder workout yesterday, didn't get a chance to log it until now but here it is.

Lateral raise machine w/u: 60x15 70x15 80x12
DB military press: 55x12 65x10 75x8
overhead press machine: 150x12 170x12 180x10
seated lateral raises: 20x12 25x10 25x10
BB shrugs: 225x15 315x15 365x10 405x10
rear delt machine: 135x10 (x3)
smith upright rows: 50x15 70x12 80x10 (+whatever the smith bar counts as)

Really good workout, really focused. Hopefully I'll have that kind of focus for arms today.

03-08-10, 6:50 pm
Good arm workout last Friday, never got around to posting it up.

Real good chest workout today, despite being a bit distracted.

Hammer Strength Incline machine: 70(per side)x15 (2 sets)
Flat DB press: 75x15 90x12 105x10
Incline DB Press: 75x12 75x10 85x8
Hammer Strength Incline machine: 80x10 80x8
Cable Crossovers: 50(per side)x10 60x10
DB Flyes: 35x10 45x8 45x6
Underhand cambered bar extensions: 55x15 65x10
EZ Bar Skull Krushers: 55x10 65x10 65x8