View Full Version : Gotta give a big thanks to the whole Animal Crew

03-07-10, 9:48 pm
This was my first Arnold experience. My wife surprised me by making the hotel reservations/getting tickets...etc.

Needless to say, the first thing I did when getting into the Expo was head to the Cage. An amazing experience. My wife works out, but she isnt quite bound to the ironlife as I am. She was however extremely impressed by the way the Animal guys handled themselves.

Everywhere we went, people were charging $5-$20 to even take a picture with them and nothin else. Over at the cage we talked with Ox, Vinny, Higa Monster, Kuclo and got pics with all of them for a grand total of $0. She was blown away by the amount of class these guys carried. When she asked my why they do it for free, I just laughed and said "thats just how they do it."

So thanks Animal for making it an enjoyable experience for me and especially my wife. Because of you guys, shes already down for being at the Cage again next year.

03-08-10, 2:27 pm
Glad you enjoyed your first experience my brother. Its always a good time.