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Moe Bigsley
03-08-10, 12:06 am
Hey Bro's, I'm new to the Animal forum, and this was my first trip into the cage (which was awesome), but I wanna share a little story from the ABC event Saturday night. I'm talkin' to my bro Jim and big Vinny Galanti, when Vinny starts tellin' us what inspired him for what he knew was gonna be a long day on Saturday. Seems he was briefly chattin' with a younger dude at another booth, and the guy was bitchin' about how much he hated sittin' through the autographs and the pics and all the bullshit. Now Vinny, bein' the class act he is, excuses himself from the conversation and begins to think about that shit.

He tells us that in his opinion, he's livin' a dream, meeting people and sharing the love of iron. In his opinion, it's an honor for people to wanna meet ya and shake your hand, and he told us that thought fired him up all day and he was psyched as hell!

Now, I'd never met Vinny before, so I'm sure you guys already know this, but that dude is a class act, a true gentleman thru and thru. In fact, that whole damn crew Al, Ant, House, Evan, Higa and the rest are down to earth, honest to God good guys. They worked out with us, took pics, answered questions and they all seemed genuinely glad to be there. That crowd at Metro had to be 200 deep, but even though we were climbin all over each other tryin to get a workout in, everybody was friendly and "ego free".

Well, I'll wrap this up by sayin to ALL you Animals, from Pros to Joes like me, I'm proud as hell to be an ABC member, and more inspired than I've ever been. Hell, my wife is even on here (blondieweapon x), and she couldn't stop talkin about the whole weekend experience...hell, she might even try to do a show!!

Anyway, the whole weekend was fantastic, and I'm definitely Animal for Life!!

Brian (Moe Bigsley)

03-08-10, 12:16 am
I had a quit little convo with Vinny too. What a great dude..

03-08-10, 12:21 am
Agreed. I talked with House when I got to the cage and took a pic with him. He was extremely down to Earth and pleasant to talk to. I commend these guys not just for what they do with the iron, but also for taking the time to help us fans out.

03-08-10, 12:24 am
Yeah, all of the guys are cool as hell. Very down to earth and easy to talk to!