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03-08-10, 12:31 pm
I've been behind the scenes at The Cage for many years now and it seems that somehow each year, we are able to step it up and make things better and better each year. I truly enjoy overseeing everything that takes place at The Cage, between the The Shop and the actual Cage part where the events take place. I would like to thank all of the athletes who represent our brand. I don't think you can find a classier and harder working group than who we have--Ox, House, Kuclo, Higa Monster, Big_Byrd, Vinny "The Lip", Big Al, Big Ant and The Freak. Each of these fellas in their own way adds their own special flavor to what makes The Cage so special and enjoyable for the fans. I'm honored to be working alongside these great bodybuilders and powerlifters. All world class athletes in their own right.

You've also got a great group of reps and staff that always kick it up a notch for The Cage--NG, G, Aggression, TTL, JUGGERNAUT, Rage, Hola Bola, Enforcer and CB. All these guys not only worked The Cage all day but came with us to the train each night after the show was over. These guys work and train just as hard as anyone out there. I mean what other company has all of their employees actually wanting to train after a long day of work? It's priceless.

Rounding out the work list, we had a group of Cage Interns who each worked one day at The Cage. They stepped right in and worked just as hard. Each of 'em kicked it into gear as soon as they stepped foot in The Cage--BCon, Scals17 deanna7272, DannyNB, ghost, The Anti-Asian, InkdMuscle, Phil800101, Littleman55, Flash419, LittleZ, Mritter3. Not only are they fans of the brand but they put their blood and sweat into representing Animal at The Cage. A good number of 'em even wanted to work extra b/c they saw how busy we were. I genuinely appreciate each of you stepping up and helping us out throughout the entire weekend.

And to the fellas who did some exhibitions in The Cage--Big Byrd, Higa Monster, Tiny Meeker, Scott "Hoss" Cartwright, Nick Winters and Skiba's Crew--You guys rocked The Cage with some truly amazing lifting exhibitions. You lift weight that we can only dream of lifting. Seeing you guys lift these amazing poundage's motivates all us to step up our game.

To the fans--You guys are the best. The show wouldn't be the same without you guys supporting us. The energy that you guys exude helps motivate and push us to work harder. We really appreciate you all for being there and I hope everyone was able to enjoy the weekend with us. If there's anything you guys would like to discuss about the show please feel free to PM me. I'm happy to listen to what you liked about The Cage and what we could make even better for next year. Thank you all again.


Mr. Dead
03-08-10, 12:37 pm
It was an incredible time!!! It was my first trip to the Cage, and definitely won't be my last!!! It was awesome meeting and talking with you, and everyone else!!!

03-08-10, 12:45 pm
Nice one J-dawg. Nothing compares to the people in that cage.

03-08-10, 12:47 pm
Very nice write up J, it def. was an amazing weekend...thanks again.

03-08-10, 12:49 pm
such a great weekend!!!!

03-08-10, 12:53 pm
I was honored to be able to participate and help out. Thanks again for the opportunity to do so... I have to say that you never really understand how hectic it can be unless you are there in the thick of things.. The fellas working the front were on the ball, taking care of business, and working together as a solid crew. I don't think people understand, unless you have done it before, how difficult it can be to work with the public and try to satisfy "most", but our crew worked hard at doing so... Hats off Fellas....

03-08-10, 2:49 pm
Hey J.....thank you for the opportunity to be apart of The Cage. Working side by side all of you this weekend is something I will jump at to do again.

03-08-10, 4:44 pm
the whole event was amazing! it was truly a pleasure to work with everyone. like j said, we have the hardest working supporters out there. everybody stepped up and did their part, and then some. thank again to everyone that came out! i hope to see you all next year.

T. Kemble
03-08-10, 5:06 pm
it was an honor to lift in the cage, thanks for the great opportunity to represent what ANIMAL is all about!

03-08-10, 5:08 pm
The Cage was awesome! I picked up a hat, a shirt and some straps off of NG and spent alot of my 2 days just standing around the cage watching the madness! Thanks for makin my first Arnold experience a good one!

03-08-10, 5:22 pm
It was great to finally meet you J. Thank you all for making me feel like welcome! I was so nervous walking in, and felt like family leaving Sunday. This weekend was a wonderful experience!!

03-08-10, 7:16 pm
This was the best year ever for me at The Cage! As some of you know I brought my fiance and while she only showed up for a few hours with me on Friday, she had nothing but positive things to say. She was overly impressed with how down to earth that everyone who supports, or works for this company are. The Cage won her over and I can say this because she already mentioned wanting to go back when she could spend more time there.

03-08-10, 8:12 pm
Well, it's only been two years now for me, and I think the problem next year will be fitting anything else into the schedule! I hardly saw any of the rest of the Expo, either from not being able to move, or just not wanting to leave the Cage! It was obvious half the attendees of the Expo wanted to get IN, judging from the crowds around us.

It's the people who make Animal what it is -- the people at Corporate, the athlete reps, the Henchmen and Watchmen, and all the Animals who populate this FORVM. Seeing so many in one place just felt like I was home with the family. As I predicted, I didn't get to spend time with half the people I wanted to, because there were so many and the days were so packed.

Thank you, J-Dawg and team for pulling this all together. I really don't envy you trying to top it.

03-08-10, 8:14 pm
it was an honor to lift in the cage, thanks for the great opportunity to represent what ANIMAL is all about!

Tek, you most CERtainly represented! I was impressed not only with your strength, but your ability to explain to those of us who are NOT powerlifters what it's all about, and why things are done differently.

03-09-10, 1:52 am
And thank you J-Dawg! You're one of the people who makes it happen bro, and it was great to se you again. Definitely enjoyed shooting the shit with ya throughout the weekend.

As for working, it was the experience of a lifetime! It really was a true honor and a privilege to be able to step up, help out, and represent Animal.

03-09-10, 12:46 pm
one of the best weekends of my life, and i got to share it with some of the best people i know.

03-09-10, 3:15 pm
Thanks for your comments again guys. It really means a lot to me. My goal for the weekend is to ensure that everyone has the best experience possible while at The Cage and at the extracurricular events and you guys make it so much easier.

03-09-10, 3:20 pm
Awesome awesome weekend. Lets top it next year

03-09-10, 3:21 pm
Thanks for your comments again guys. It really means a lot to me. My goal for the weekend is to ensure that everyone has the best experience possible while at The Cage and at the extracurricular events and you guys make it so much easier.Mission accomplished J-Dawg.
i had a great time at my first Cage.
thanks to you guys at Animal/Universal that work so hard.

03-09-10, 5:04 pm
It was the best Cage to date. All the events, talks, the box-bigger and better, and all the Animals. I picked up every tee and hat, was lucky enough to win the Bag promo so that was awesome. Thanks Animal!

03-09-10, 6:43 pm
First time to the Arnold, and the Cage, it was unreal.

03-09-10, 11:57 pm
Thanks for your comments again guys. It really means a lot to me. My goal for the weekend is to ensure that everyone has the best experience possible while at The Cage and at the extracurricular events and you guys make it so much easier.

it's the least we can do J....we're family here and that's what family does....help one another out.

03-10-10, 12:41 pm
It was truly a pleasure being able to work the cage this year. Thanks to Ghost and Phil for lending me their MP3 players to contribute to the musical genre that we put forth. I would be more than happy to do it again next year. J Dawg, you've put together something truly epic and we are proud to be apart of it

03-10-10, 1:38 pm
Thank You for the opportunity to lift in the "Pro's vs Bro's" competition at the Cage. My wife Amy and I really enjoyed it and it was a pleasure getting to meet all of you ANIMALS!

Again, thank you and I look forward to seeing some of you again at the next PA/NJ/NY ABC Event. Take care!


03-10-10, 1:59 pm
Had an absolute blast, and, as usual, Universal is top notch, especially when taking care of its customers. Looking forward to future, and to much more with ANIMAL!

Hola Bola
03-10-10, 3:29 pm
Thank YOU J-Dawg! Once again, it was an honor to be a part of the ANIMAL crew!

03-10-10, 5:09 pm
BIG thanks J, you did a great job. thanks to NG as well, the live stream from the cage is just the first step of many that i see ahead for the cage. making the cage an enjoyable experience even for those bros who couldn't make the trip this year!

03-10-10, 5:35 pm
Great post J.

The word chemistry comes to mind. The staff and our loyal customers/fans all have chemistry. We share the same bond and it's a great feeling. It feels like family.

Every year (this is my 3rd working it) I say it's the hardest 3 days but the most rewarding.