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03-09-10, 11:13 am
WOW! What a weekend... I'm still trying to soak it all in. First I want to thank Universal / Animal for the chance to be an intern. It was the experience of a lifetime, and I'll never forget it.

This was my 5th Arnold, and every year I seem to spend more and more time at the Cage. This year I barely left, with all the seminars, lifting exhibitions, and friends... why bother?

Friday... I was there when things opened and the crowds were CRAZY. I immediatly rushed to the Cage, and got my LE Cage shirt, and my VIP badge for the Box. The amount of people in and around the Cage was unreal. Talked to lots of old friends, and put some faces to the names of people I have met on the Forum. After an hour or so I took my first walk around the Expo. As I said earlier.. the crowds were HUGE. Friday is usually a slower day and the one day you can walk around and not feel like a sardine. Scratch that idea. LOL. I had to laugh at the couple of booths that had their silly imitations of the Cage. a 10 X 10 fenced in area with a bench, doing bench your bodyweight competitions. Hmm.. wonder where they got that idea. I made my way through a few of the bigger venders and got a few pics and autographs. But after a few hours, I was back in the Box and talking with friends. The day went by fast, and a huge thanks to the Universal for the shaker and the supps. I am seriously loving the Cookies and Cream Real Gains, also the new Torrent prototype is going to be a BIG seller.

Saturday.. got a late start but managed to get to the Cage just as Big C and House were having there curl competition. Both of these big boys moved some serious weight, but House managed 50 reps... Amazing! I hung out for Ox's lecture and learned alot. It seemed there were enough questions being asked I don't think Evan thought he would ever get to leave. But he answered everyone, with an honest answer and a smile. Lots more talking and met some more people who had just gotten in that day. The Forum Only thing at noon was cool.. and the Cage was PACKED. Congrats to all the winners of the promos and Rage's Iron Contest. A few more shakers and lots of pics later and the day was over. So, off for a quick dinner and a stop at the hotel to get changed for the ABC. Got to Metro right at 8p... the place was a sea of Animal shirts and famaliar faces. I was at the ABC last year and with over 100 people there, the gym was packed. This year we were 200+ and although there was litteraly 3 or 4 people on every piece of equitment, everyone still got a great workout. Afterward we all headed upstairs for the post workout feast. I was scared with all the extra bodies we would run out of food, but there was plenty and everyone got a plate and sat down talking and enjoying the night. GREAT TIME!

Sunday... the day started early, as I had to check out and get to the Hyatt for a breakfast with all the Pros and interns. Healthiest breakfast I've ever eatten, but to my pleasant surprise it was all very tasty. Plus got to sit and talk to alot of the guys in a relaxed enviroment instead of the hussle that we were all about to walk into. This was my day to work the booth, so over to the Expo we went. The crowds were about normal for a Sunday, but the Cage was still busy and surrounded at all times. I did the signups for the first bench contest, and then got behind the counter and helped out selling shirts, supps and answering questions. By Sunday, most of the supps were sold out, but that didn't stop the questions. I most have explained the difference between M-Stak, Stak, and Test about 100 times.. LOL. But, there was alot of interest, and I'm sure Animal has got some new customers coming from it, so I was more then happy to do it. It amazed me how many people were more then happy to buy a shirt 2 sizes too big for them, just to get a piece of the Cage to take home with them. Animal has always been about a no nonsense, no flash.. just solid 'IT WORKS' attitude and although there were no half naked models throwing out tons of free shirts and free samples there was always a solid crowd around the Cage. I spent the last hour or so helping out in the Cage, spotting for the bench your bodyweight contest. The day flew by, and I am sure I'm forgetting alot of stuff, but there was so much going on all day, it was just overwhelming. Again.. thanks to Universal for the chance to be apart of all of this. I will never forget it!

Wanted to say thanks to all the Pros... House, OX, Vinny.... and eveyone else I am forgetting. The Cage is always the one place you can come and feel welcomed and know your among friends. Everyone always has time to stop and talk, take a pic, whatever. It was an amazing weekend, and I'm counting down the days til next year. See you then!

03-09-10, 11:40 am
hell yeah man, good writeup. haha i had to also explain the differences between stak, mstak and test a few times.

03-09-10, 2:28 pm
Great write-up! Good to see you again bro.

03-09-10, 6:45 pm
hell yeah man, good writeup. haha i had to also explain the differences between stak, mstak and test a few times.

Great write-up! Good to see you again bro.

Thanks guys... Great seeing you both again also.

Awesome weekend!