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Chase "BIG COUNTRY" Browning
03-09-10, 10:11 pm
Due to oversleeping, getting lost twice, and parking 20 blocks away, I didn't make it to the Cage until about 11:45. Now I can't help but image how pissed I wouldve been if they would have called my name, and I wasnt there. Long story short, I headed straight for the Cage. Caught the end of The House and Big C's curling battle, and then they proceeded to give out some prizes. As I was standing there, my phone got blown up with texts because evidently I was right in front of the camera for the live stream (Broc and Wade). As Vinny was about to call out the name of the winner for the show with a pro promo, I heard G Diesel or naturalguy pronounce it for him. I was 90% sure he said CantGet2BIG, and my heart sank. Sure enough I was right. I hung out for an hour or so at the Cage then went back to get ready for the Men's Finals.

Saturday Night - Arnold Classic Men's Finals
The night started off badly. I was running late to begin with and as I was pulling in, I realized that I had forgot the tickets, so we rushed back to the hotel to grab them. We arrived just as things were starting, and hurried to our seats. Everything was a blur until I made it to my seat then everything started to sink in. Spoke to Evan and Eric (naturalguy) and got settled in. The set for the show was amazing, and we were 5 rows back. I have to say sitting beside Evan Centopani in theatre seating isnt exactly comfortable. I was basically in my girls lap the whole night and Eric made the comment that things werent much better on his side. I can't imagine how Evan felt. haha

As the MC was warming up the crowd, I looked around a little. I noticed Rich Gaspari sitting 2 seats infront of us. Then the show started. First of all, pictures and videos do not do pro shows justice. When these guys pose it looks like they are going to pop. Kai was massive, he has so much muscle on his frame. Phil brought what I thought was a perfect physique, super symmetrical and proportionate. Branch was massive, and I felt that his conditioning was better than Kai's. In my opinion Kai was 3rd, and 1-2 was a tossup between Branch and Heath.

Sylvester Stallone made an appearance as the recipient of the Arnold Lifetime Achievement award presented by none other than Arnold himself. They held the final event of the strongman competition. Farmer's walk on a slope with 1000lbs. The guys made it look easy. Derek Poundstone swept the event and the entire competition. He proposed to his wife onstage, and I'm not going to lie it was pretty touching. After they announced the winner of the Men's Finals, we fought through crowds, which took forever because people were flocking to Evan.

I gave Evan and Eric a ride over to Metro Fitness so they wouldnt have to call a cab. It was an awesome time. Five rows back at the 2nd biggest show in bodybuilding with one of your idols, it doesn't get much better than that. Evan is stand up guy, bullshitting with him and hearing his commentary on the show was awesome. Eric (naturalguy) is a great guy too. They both made me feel very welcome. I just want to thank Animal, Eric, and Evan for this opportunity. It was a night that I will never forget. I am still very young in this sport. At 20 years old (next week) and 2 years in the game, this meant a lot. Thanks again and there are pics on my facebook page. Add me and check them out. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1729072112

03-11-10, 9:36 am
True as cool as it was to sit next to Ox, it was not very comfortable, he is a LARGE human being.

What a great show and experience. Here are my thoughts http://animalpak.com/html/article_details.cfm?ID=463

Mr. Dead
03-11-10, 7:31 pm
Great write up!!! Sounds like a great time!!!

03-11-10, 8:03 pm
you are one lucky dude my friend...i can only imagine how great that night was for ya.

03-11-10, 8:27 pm
congratulations, bro. That had to have been an awesome experience.

03-12-10, 9:35 am
ya man...had to be one hell of an experience.

03-12-10, 2:27 pm
Congrats on this big win man, thats awesome it turned out to be a great time. And it was good finally meeting up with, to bad we couldn't get a training session in over the weekend, but hopefully next year.

03-12-10, 7:53 pm
Does anybody doubt about Ox in top 3 next year?
Seriously, I'd bet on him to be the next champ.

03-12-10, 7:58 pm
Does anybody doubt about Ox in top 3 next year?
Seriously, I'd bet on him to be the next champ.

evan is seriously a monster...who is extremely dedicated to what he does, i would def. not bet against him...

Chase "BIG COUNTRY" Browning
03-12-10, 9:26 pm
Link to naturalguy's article. Check it out.