View Full Version : An Experience I will never forget

03-11-10, 5:40 pm
Itís really hard to put the whole weekend on paper but here goesÖ

On Friday, I woke up early and drug my ass out of bed and headed down from Cleveland to C-Bus. The car ride wasnít bad, maybe because we may have set the record time for the trip. Too much anticipation to get to the Cage. When we got to C-bus, we were practically running down the streets to get the Convention Center to get the weekend started off right. The Cage of course. We picked up our LE Cage T-Shirts (awesome shirts) and grabbed our VIP passes for the weekend. As we walked into the box, There was some lifting going on and I could hear the familiar voice of Vinnie on the mic counting out reps. I have to admit I was a little intimidated going into the box for the first time. I had been to the Arnold a few times, but only watched the Cage from the outside. So being in the box with all of the Pros and other Animals was an experience unlike any other. It was really cool to finally meet the people we talk to on the forum all the time (Firedrake, Rage, NG, etc.).

On Saturday we got up early again and headed for the Cage as soon as we got to the Expo. The day seemed to fly by, everything happening from seminars by Steve Kuclo to the Tiny meeker bench presses. Also, during the day the FORVM VIP Event happened, the box just seemed to fit more and more people. Congrats to BBWifey, LazieBone, and Ghost for winning the Iron Contest II. I didnít get a chance to congratulate you in person, but your transformations are inspiring to put it lightly.

National ABC at Metro was my favorite part of the whole weekend. 200+ Animals in one gym. With the amount of effort that was being put forth in the gym, I thought we were going to blow the roof of that place. I had the pleasure of experiencing the HRT on Friday that my bro and buddy. I can see how that workout will put on insane amounts of size. My arms were dead at the end of that workout. After the workout it was great to mingle, take pics, and pick the brains of more of the animals.

On Sunday made it into the Cage to see some Animals throwing around some heavy ass weights in the Pros vs. Bros. Sunday as a whole seemed like one big blur of Animals and heavy weights being thrown around. We wondered around in the Cage for most of the day until it was time to say our goodbyes. I wanted to say a Big Thank You to everyone that worked the Cage. You guys did an amazing job. I know I am probably forgetting some events and I know I am forgetting some of the people I met (sorry) But the Cage was an experience unlike any I have ever had. I canít wait until next year.