View Full Version : braves561's Rage to the Ring

03-16-10, 4:08 pm
181 lbs.
around 12% BF
Experience: 4 years

Welcome to my journey! I'll keep this short. I plan on getting into Pro Wrestling in the next year or so as I will be entering Pro Wrestling school. Still haven't picked one out yet. I have been lifting weights seriously for about 4 years now. I started at 147 lbs. reached 220 lbs. in May of last year and decided to cut. I dropped down to 181 lbs. where I am at now. I plan o getting back up to a solid 200 and staying there hopefully at 10% BF.

The program I will be using is Hola Bola's 12 day rotation. I have used it in the past and is the perfect mix of everything I need. I will be doing cardio a couple times a week as well. Thank you Hola Bola for this program. All credit goes to you.

Here is a layout of the program that I will be starting tonight:

12 Day Rotation

1. Biceps/Triceps/Abs
-Overhead DB Extensions
-Supinating DB Curls
-Rope Cable Pressdowns
-Low Cable Curls
-Wrist Curls/Ab Work

2. Quads/Calves
-Lunges (light)
-Hack Squats
-Leg Extensions
-Calf Raises

3. Back
-Weighted Chinups (heavy)
-BB Rows (light)
-Wide Grip Iso-Pulldown
-One Arm Iso-Low Rows
-Side Delt Raises

4. Off Day

5. Chest/Shoulders
-DB Shoulder Press
-Weighted Dips (heavy)
-Front/Side/Rear Delt Raises
-Flat DB Bench

6. Traps/Legs/Calves
-Squats (light)
-Hack Squats
-Calf Raises

7. Biceps/Triceps/Abs
-DB Hammer Curls
-Close Grip Barbell Bench
-EZ Bar Spider Curls
-V-Bar Cable Pressdowns
-Wrist Curls/Ab Work

8. Off Day

9. Back
-BB Rows (heavy)
-Weighted Chins (light)
-Wide Grip Pullups
-Seated Cable Rows
-Side Delt Raises

10. Hamstrings/Calves
-Lunges (heavy)
-Leg Press
-Seated Leg Curls
-Calf Raises

11. Chest/Shoulders
-Incline DB Bench
-Weighted Dips (light)
-Front/Side/Rear Delt Raises
-Chest Flys
-Machine Shoulder Press (light)

12. Off Day