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03-29-10, 9:48 pm
I was just wondering where you can get good used equipment for the gym. I have been looking all over and everything says on sale or discount but all out of my budget. I didn't know where else to post this so if it's the wrong place sorry for that. If anyone has any ideal please let me know. thanks

03-29-10, 9:50 pm
Out here they have a place called Play it again sports that sells used equipment. A place like that or check out craigslist.

03-29-10, 10:06 pm
You can search Craigslist or EBAY or get on the mailing lists for some local Auction companies.

03-29-10, 11:43 pm
Yeah I've checked craiglist and they have the cement weights that too me are pretty shitty. Ebay is expensive and they don't have much as of late.