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04-20-10, 8:30 am
The trail of events:

From the beginning of birth I was riddled with asthma and never allowed to partake in any physical excercise.I could barely run 5 steps and would collapse with an attack of lung malfunction.Because of my constant living in hospitals and medication,allot of it prohibited my growth hence I've always been a small person.

After years of enduring this never ending battle of not being able to even sneeze hard without having to take an asthma inhaler and test after test nothing helping to increase my lung capacity or strength,eventually one day I realised with the help of one particular doctor that the gym would become my best friend and cure.

Being a small person I always got me picked on through out my entire childhood and education primary and secondary so it was a bit of a tough time for me but the day came where I began to start pushing weights and began to build a tolerance too having attacks and to the constant bullies in my life.

I never grew big muscle but what really grew was my passion and heart for the gym and at the same time I became fit being able to get rid of all the stupid meds and my self esteem grew dramatically potent standing up to any person that picked on me regardless of size and further landed up in me administering a PK to one of the biggest guys in my matric class gaining my respect and was never picked on again.

Not really proud of what happened,I felt rather bad about lifting my hand to another person but it was coming for a LONG time.From there onwards I continued to train but had a bad car accident after high school and went through a bad 5 years after that.Allot has happened since then but I'm not here to bore anyone with all the details and I am proud to say that:

Today,I am finally back at the gym and all I want for myself is to train and pack on some serious muscle.I'm a hard trainer and find that nothing has helped me more than "Animal" to start getting where I want to be.All I want is to grow my body as big as my mental state and heart and I feel I have come to the right place to learn from my fellow iron bros and mentors.Gentleman...To me you all are an inspiration and I plan to grow along with all of you being a novice to the art of building.

I look forward to hearing from all of you and learning as much as possible

Regards HDV

04-20-10, 9:04 am
Let's get in there and do some work bro!

04-20-10, 9:09 am
With a strong heart and the mental capacity to never quit, you can accomplish anything! Just remember to keep moving forward when you get knocked down get back up and keep moving forward. Now go hit the gym and make what you want happen!!!!

04-20-10, 10:10 am
Thanks guys much appreciated and thanks for taking the time to read!! I can't wait to gain more lean mass!!

04-20-10, 10:16 am
You are in the right place brother. Train hard and train smart. I have learned more from the people in this forvm than I ever could have in five lifetimes. Good Luck to you.

04-21-10, 4:55 am
Thank you Survivor! I definately will and I am eager to learn as much as possible from the members.Had such a power session this morning at the gym,chest was burning like volcanic lava!

04-21-10, 7:57 am
You should start a journey and log your everyday stuff it is great for motivation and will help you track what you do right and what you can do better!

04-21-10, 11:33 am
Hey Funky

I will do that in a few days as I have been reading some of them and it's awesome to watch one's self grow and learn from all the other members.

I just want to get all my stats and stuff in gear and then I'll post up my weekly routine as I'd like advice from the experienced as I know I have allot to learn and once I've posted my journey up I can be shown where I need improvement.

Regards Brother