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04-26-10, 7:46 pm
I've been doing Hell Raiser Training for about a month and a half now and each week I will have a heavy day for a particular muscle group and my strength has absolutely shot up like no other! When I first started HRT I didn't think my strength would increase that much because I was mainly trying to put on size and mass. The past couple of weeks I have just been in shock because of the fact my bench has jumped 20lbs, I can do 10lbs. more with weighted dips than before and my squats have gone up 15lbs. For about 5 weeks I say thats pretty damn good considering my goal wasn't intentionally to get stronger...Also I would like to ask, for back days I feel like I could add an extra set or two at the end of workout such as lat pulldowns etc. Is this overdoing it? I'm extremely sore each week after my workouts except for back in which the soreness lasts for only about 2 days. I've always been like that though, I feel like my back recovers very fast for some reason and it takes a lot for it to get really sore. Any suggestions?

04-27-10, 2:49 pm
I noticed the same thing the first week or two. Personally, I've been really trying to emphasize getting a good back stretch on the negative part of all the reps, including the last 2-4, and that got me quite sore. Everyone is different though.

04-27-10, 4:23 pm
Strength gains in the first several weeks are not completely unheard of with HRT, and are due mostly to neurological adaptation, as well as increased stress on the connective tissues.

Soreness is not necessarliy a sign of intense-enough training. I suggest sticking with the program as is. As long as you are "emptying the tank" by the end of your 4 negative reps, you are doing sufficient work. If not, increase the resistance appropriately.

Good luck....

04-27-10, 4:55 pm
Agree with rev...stick to the routine, if u got more in the tank u ain't going heavy enoug, glad to hear about the gains

04-28-10, 5:41 pm
Thats right..pick that right weight and the rest will fall in place. Good work brother.