View Full Version : A little motivation this morning

05-17-10, 5:03 pm
This morning at the gym I saw an elderly man came in while carrying his oxygen tank around with him. He looked like at one point he was pretty well built. For some reason it motivated after seeing this for some reason. Maybe cause he wasn't letting a little issue hold him back. He seemed to by going for it to. Didn't see his other weights but on the seated calf press he was doing around 160.

05-17-10, 8:47 pm
That guy is going down fighting. Gotta respect that. Dying in your bed doesn't get you into Valhalla

05-17-10, 10:02 pm
Hell yeah dude. I remember a year ago I was hitting chest in the gym and when I got up from my bench there was a man hittin up the free weights in his wheelchair. He is paralyzed from the waist down and was a firm believer in free weights, not machines. Guy had some serious motivation.