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06-10-10, 4:51 pm
going to my last BB comp i was filled with the confidence i had built up for monnts..the confidence in my phisique..my first time as a heavyweight...my first time at a show this big..walking in i felt like i belonged there..like this is exactly what i trained for, dieted for, sacrificed for..i weigh in light (205.6)..small for my class of 8. 8 guys that are so tightly packed they look 230 and i start to feel i made a mistake....that i do not belong at this level..that when i step on stage for pre judge im going to look like a middle weight in a heavy weight divison...ive made a mistake..ive jumped the gun on this show...im not ready...pre judge is over, time to nap and focus on the fun part of the night show and start learning from my mistakes...all i can think about is size....im not big enough...night show is done and over, walking back stage the expiditor says exactly what i expected..you didn't make the cut...its done..sitting out the next show and taking a full year to add size, improve and be ready for next year...be the guy in the pump room everyone is looking at to wonder how he got to looking like that...all that is left now is time, eating (a lot of eating) and training....this was my 4th comp...my first show where i did not place.....this was..is.....my wake up call

Joe J
06-10-10, 4:52 pm
Good luck in the future mate, I'm sure one day you will tower over these guys.

06-10-10, 5:25 pm
Solid post brother, and welcome. That call out is rough. My first time not making top 5, was the NPC Eastern USAs. It was a gut shot for sure, and it certainly wakes you up. Now its time to do work my man. Good to have you.

12-28-10, 12:50 pm
since the show in june where i did not place i committed to putting on good quality size and i did. went from 205 day of the show, walking weight of 220ish to now being 262lbs starting my pre contest prep. i had goals in my head of a weight i wanted to reach...then the scale said 230lbs...starting out great...240lbs...people starting to take notice, clothes not fitting anymore...250 people starting to ask just how big i am going for...never thought i would possibly get to 255....got there and passed it...next the goal of 260lbs...achieved topping off at 262lbs before my precontest prep. feeling great and confident going into this contest prep, i feel strong and lean but ready to get into contest shape...ready to redeem my last showing...10 weeks of cardio and dieting for 2 days of glory...here we go.