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06-11-10, 1:09 pm
I am going to start Bill Starr's 5x5 routine Monday and have a few questions. My first question is can I add more abdominal work in on Mon and Wed? My second question is can i add some chinups on Fri for assitance work along with the dips barbell curls and tricep extensions?

06-12-10, 11:56 am

I have just been doing this program and I absolute love it.

I woulden't but more abdominal work in, your core is getting pretty beaten on this, couse you lift heavy everytime.

On monday, with wheighted situps I used to do them decline, then some plates ob the chest and fire away.

On wed's I'll do the 3 set to failur with reverse crunches (that shits evil)

this should be enough core, my abs exploded over this periode. besides getting stronger then ever they also growed like weeds.

If you want to add, chinups then sure go for it, but remember that you are doing heavy rows. If you still want to do chins then just make sure you do them from deadhang.


06-12-10, 2:14 pm
Thanks i might throw the chins in for the first few weeks then take them out. Just enough to get a little bit stronger.

06-14-10, 12:19 am
Well starting 5x5 tomorrow. I have got one more question. Say I have to bench or squat 198 or 194 lbs. Do i round up to nearest weight i cant do or should i round down?

06-14-10, 12:27 pm
I rounded my wheigts up, take what you can get.


06-14-10, 1:39 pm
I will give it a try Wednesday rounded up. I tried to get as close to the weight as possible today.