View Full Version : College Athletes?

06-16-10, 10:17 pm
Any here? What sport(s)? Goals???? Share!!

07-11-10, 10:35 pm
yeah sprinter, and bodybuilder. after 3 years out of sprinting due to injuries then the discovery of bodybuilding, just about to complete my journey back to where I used to be in terms of the athletics. I've brought along an extra 2 stone of lean muscle with me for the ride as well lol.

07-11-10, 10:36 pm
that said I aint a college athlete, Im 25 lol (fuck, 25! where does the time go?)

07-21-10, 1:56 am
Hey guys, I am also an athlete and I am very interested in boxing, I was played twice at the state level and national level tournament. if you give the best proposal for my skills, training or school. I really appreciate for that. thanks !!

08-08-10, 5:01 pm
College rugby. unfortunately i feel as if i need to hit the gym a little more and start cutting some unnecessary fat. anyways yeah rugby.

06-13-11, 5:35 pm
Lacrosse. Switching to solely defense (rather than midfield) this coming season so it's time to pack on some serious mass before the season starts up.

06-23-11, 1:36 am
I'm a college cheerleader. my training is a combination of strength/power. I love it and i have gained 30 pounds of muscle just training for it.

06-23-11, 6:31 am
I was on the college cougar-hunting team. Then got married and had to retire

06-23-11, 7:02 am
i was on the college cougar-hunting team. Then got married and had to retire

06-23-11, 7:58 am

thanks lol

03-01-12, 3:26 pm
I play division 1 football and I can honestly say that it takes up my whole entire life. Its the most time consuming thing ever and i love it. One thing i will say is that my coaches do not believe in extra work on your own. I agree with them too because if you really are college athletes then you know how it is. Some of the hardest workouts of your life and when you get done you dont have any energy to want to do anything else. If you are following the workout plans that the strength and conditioning coaches put you through then that should be plenty, theres no need to bother trying to make up your own workouts. Just do the ones that the coaches set out for you. The workouts are all about being explosive. Everything we do is all about becoming more explosive with a major focus on hang cleans and power cleans. As for diet, well our coaches take care of that for us too and provide us with a plan. Being a division 1 college athlete is the hardest thing ive ever had to do in my life, but when you run out of the tunnel on saturday with thousands of screaming fans theres no better feeling in the world.