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06-25-10, 5:40 am
I really like this sentence: Only the mentally tough survive while the weak just fade away. For me it’s not how tough you are on the outside, its all about how tough you are on the inside. How mentally strong you are? Will define your whole life, how much beating you could take will determine the outcome of your life. We all go through a lot of shit everyday, even the daily commute to office is adventure in itself, rising taxes and inflation take their toll, media trying to con you everyday, relationships coming with their own burden, religious scholars predicting everything is doomed, sometimes it feels like everyone in this world is out to get you. Pressure situations calls for strong heads, situations like these differentiate men from boys. Those who crumble under pressure turn into dust. It’s the law of nature; diamonds are made out of carbon molecules when exposed to extreme pressures. I am not telling you to just keep on walking and take the daily blows of life, I want you to grab the life by the balls and turn it on its head, even karma is afraid of pulling a fast one on you. Life is what we make out of it, let the daily conditions rule you and you are headed for a brutal ass kicking, but on the other hand dictate your own terms, write your own destiny and carve it with blood and sweat.

Life is not so bad, sometimes it provides you with opportunities under the pressure situations, ah the sweet old “blessing in disguise”, those who come out of it with all guns blazing engrave their names in history, forever altering their own destiny and of those around them. But life rarely presents us with these kinds of situations, so forever be ready to grab the pressure situation.

Life is full of uncertainties; the more we are able to accept these uncertainties the easier it would be for us to handle them. Unexpected disasters are always hitting us, unwanted injuries are always following us, career threatening injuries are a part of every athletes life but don’t let them derail you, keep your head and work through the injuries. When an irritating microscopic object gets trapped inside the mollusk it turns them into pearls as a defense mechanism. I twisted my ankle while playing cricket and even after 3 months of recuperation, I could feel the pain after running, wasn’t even able to enjoy my weekend cricket because of the dreaded pain, even the cold weather made it worse and the thought that “would I be able to perform on my peak again?” made me lose interest in the game, but after months of calf training the pain is gone, the fact is simple stronger calf muscles will take the pressure out of ankle joint and provide it with support. Metal cuts through metal; proper training relieves you from the injuries of training. The strong always find a way out of their troubles while the weak just sit and cry over the spilled milk.

The sun shines on the flower as well as on heap of shit, the flower blossoms while the shit rots. Don’t just sit and rot, blossom into an entity this world has never seen.

06-25-10, 6:33 am
Nice post, and congrats on overcoming that obstical. You've come out a better person because of it.

06-28-10, 7:42 am
thanks bro....

06-28-10, 8:09 am
thanks for sharing .. congrats on your recovery ..