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07-16-10, 10:18 am
Here we go my fellow Animals. Second installment of HRT, this one on eating. This installment will be talking about the theory behind HRT.

Rage's "Eating for HRT" (http://animalpak.com/html/article_details.cfm?ID=490)

Let me know if you have any questions I can answer.

07-16-10, 10:25 am
That was a great write up Rage. It seems daunting at the begining but once you get into the diet, it works and becomes second nature....and gets results


Mr. Dead
07-16-10, 11:03 am
Awesome write up!!! And, about damned time it came out!!! *LOL*

07-16-10, 11:10 am
Sweet, bro. Great stuff, and right on the money!

G Diesel
07-16-10, 11:14 am
Awesome reading on the basics of eating for size. Thanks for the refresher course, Rage.

Peace, G

07-16-10, 11:19 am
Awesome writeup, been waiting to see this since the Arnold showing of HRT

07-16-10, 1:34 pm
Great write-up Tom!

07-16-10, 4:53 pm
Thanks for the thread, going to read the article a coupla times before asking any questions.