View Full Version : Bringing up lagging parts

08-26-10, 11:36 am
Often heard it; sometimes before or after a comp a bodybuilder will say they need to bring up a lagging part or parts. Always wondered how one chose what to do to accomplish this.

Totally change the routine for that specific area, say chest. Add more sessions, new or lifts you haven't used in a long time, reps, change rep techniques, heavier, lighter....all of the above?

Any insights on what techniques some comps or pros have used to bring up a part they felt was lagging?

08-26-10, 11:42 am
Its one of, or a combination of both, my man. Each person has to find out what works for them. You have to find the 'right' training method for each body part. My biceps lagged for a while. I changed my routine from slow, controlled, compound movements to starting off with an isolation exercise first and then blasting them hard and heavy with compounds movements at the end. For me, it worked. For others, it may not.