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09-09-10, 10:01 pm
Alright, I'm going to start my own journey on here to help me stay on track, and to hopefully get some feedback from more experienced guys out there. I'm about 200 but haven't weighed myself yet this week. Currently starting a cut to get some of the fat off, but will then bulk/lean bulk. The main facts I'm trying to decide on are if I could keep eating the same and add in cardio to cut slowly or should I work on cutting up quick and then going to the bulk.

After I get to a fat percentage I like, I'd like to focus on getting big, and going hardcore while hopefully keeping around the same fat percentage.

I'll be back a little later after the gym. I'm ready to focus on my goals and get where I know I could be.

09-10-10, 10:21 am
Awesome my man, welcome. Hows the diet looking now?

09-10-10, 2:19 pm
What's your supplement stack?

09-11-10, 9:01 pm
Diet right now is like this p/c/f/cal

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, 3 Hard boiled egg whites, bacon, Oatmeal, Raisins, 1 Banana 38/61/16/550
Lunch: Fish, Salad, olive oil, 6 egg whites 50/0/21/400
Pre WO: Whey, Apple 44/32/2/330
Post/Dinner: Fish, Brown Rice, Potatoes, Tuna 50/60/10/550
Pre Bed: Casein, Almonds 50/8/10/330

Total: 232/161/60/2160

my main problem is that I am on a base so I have to get my food from the chow hall. If I had my own place it would be so much easier. I was thinking of following this diet and then having a carb up day once a week probably on leg days. If I did it this way I would probably cut nice and slow and add in cardio, but because of the food selection here I was looking into going on a keto diet (which has worked good for me before I was setback) which would be pretty easy to do here.

Not too worried about losing muscle since I will be busting my ass in the gym and when I finish I will be going on a nice lean bulk consisting using carb cycling.

Supplements taking now: Fish oil, Animal Pak, Caffeine, calcium, xtend, white flood (when needed)

09-12-10, 3:11 am
Alright so had a great day in the gym

Push press: 135x10, 135x8, 145x6, 145x4
Power cleans(went light to get back into form, still feels strange on my back and elbow when doing these) 135x10, 135x8, 135x8
Kettle Ball Training superset with weighted scissor jumps and explosive upright row/shrugs

Super set
Decline Sit Ups(with ab rotation at end of set) 13x20, 13x15, 13x10
Leg raises

09-12-10, 4:40 pm
This morning was an off day but I still hit up the gym...warmed up did about 30minutes of stretching then sat in the sauna for 30minutes. Definitely helped my muscles to loosen up and my knee and elbow to lose the stiffness they've had for a while now.

So I am planning on doing a keto type diet where I will go extremely low carb during the week and if needed will add in some carbs on wednesday. I will then have a carb refeed on saturday before getting back on track for the diet.

09-13-10, 9:11 pm
Alright so today's been good, started following a low carb diet and will try stay low on carbs until saturday when I will have a refeed. If energy is low during the week I will add some carbs in on wednesday.

Getting ready to hit up the gym planning on chest, tris, shoulders, and abs today.

09-14-10, 1:58 am
Alright got back from the gym, had a really good day

Bench: 185x12, 215x10, 225x8, 245x6 (was glad I got 245 up my elbow wasn't bothering me and so decide to start trying for heavier)
DB Bench: 80x10, 85x8, 85x6 (again felt really good and hopefully my elbow can keep like this)
Arnold Press: 50x8, 55x8,55x6 ( happy as hell was a little nervous at 50 but felt great ad so jumped up to 55's)
Leg raises and cable crunches
Cable isolated shoulder raises (didn't go to heavy because shoulder started bothering me)
tricep pulldown: 87.5x10, 95x8, 100x6
Pec Dec: 135x10, 165x10, 180x6, 210x4

09-16-10, 2:37 am
another great day, followed my diet extremely well and felt great in the weight room

Deadlift: 225x10, 295x8, 315x4, 315x4
Shrugs: 315x10, 315x8, 335x8, 225x12(squeezing at top)
Rows: 135x10, 135x8, 145x8, 155x7, 135x8(reverse grip)

Lat pulldown: 180x10, 195x6, 210x4
Cable Crunch: 87.5x20, 95x12, 95x10

Preacher curl: 90x8, 90x8, 90x6
Run the rack shrugs ending with 120x10 with holds at top
Dumbbell curl superset with plate squeezes

No pain in my knee, elbow, or back which was surprising, thinking that my head/fear has been holding me back, now that I'm pushing myself I think I can go far.

09-18-10, 12:00 am
Had an okay time in the gym today, it was packed for some random reason so I'll have to push some things to tomorrow and bust ass then.

Hack Squat: 290x10, 290x8, 340x8, 340x8
Lunges: 135x9 (per leg), 135x8, 135x6

Decline Situps w/ rotations
Balance work

Leg extension: 95x10(single leg), 95x8(single), 170x10(double)

09-18-10, 9:19 pm
had a great workout this morning

got in push press, power cleans, leg raises, stability holds, balance work, then did a depletion workout consisting of seated row, lat pull down, scissor jumps, leg raises, cable crunches, tricep pulldown, bicep curls, pushups and leg extension...ran those circuited together until felt drained

Now i'm doing a carb refeed nice and clean too not because I want to stay away from sweets and junk but because I'm craving like rice and bagels not ice cream and cake.