View Full Version : OPEN LIFTING CONTEST: Bench Your Bodyweight

09-10-10, 10:04 am
One of the biggest attractions (and most often imitated by others) at The Cage is always the "Bench Your Bodyweight" contests This is where you get interact with us in The Cage. This is your chance to see how many reps you can do with your bodyweight, in front of the crowd oh yeah and on the webcam in front of thousands that will be watching.......................................... ..no pressure lol.

Everyone who enters gets a prize and we will keep a tally through the weekend of who does the most reps and the overall winner will get something special. There are several opportunities through the weekend, we open and close The Cage each day with the bench your bodyweight.

You have to get there early and sign up as there is a limited amount of people that can enter.

09-10-10, 10:36 am
Can i join!?

Universal Rep
09-10-10, 12:16 pm
Always a tremendous draw... Often imitated, there's only one original.

09-10-10, 12:36 pm
Wish i was going to Vegas

Bard of Rage
09-10-10, 1:52 pm
Cool maybe I should try, though It will be arounf 4-6 reps of 235lbs. No pressure at all.

Universal Rep
09-10-10, 2:13 pm
Anyone remember a particularly amazing lifter in this contest from years past?