View Full Version : The Cage Event: Tiny Meeker Benches A Grand

09-13-10, 2:44 am
I had a great time at the Arnold. And I can't wait to be back in the cage at the Olympia in Vegas. Having a hard time what to do, so let me ask you. Would you like to see, superlifting or a one time rep? I always love doing the reps..repping 600, 700, 800, or maybe even more. On the other hand a single with 1000 is always a thrill. Give me some feed back, but you never know with me. When the crowd gets loud, I do crazy things. At the Arnold I was only going to do reps, but after that I wanted to do more. So later I returned and pushed 1000....If your around Saturday, please stop by the cage and see some big lifts. Have any lifting questions? Don't be scared. I always love to talk and help out other lifters..Hope to see you there. TINY MEEKER

09-13-10, 7:33 am
Tiny, i wanna see you hit 1100. :)

09-13-10, 9:15 am
Brother, 800 for reps is mind blowing as is 1,000 for a single. Both are incredibly impressive, the display you put on at the Arnold was awesome, I am looking forward to this.

Mr. Dead
09-14-10, 1:59 pm
My mind was blown, when I saw ya bench at the Cage...

09-14-10, 2:00 pm
The biggest, baddest lift you can hit in The Cage.

09-14-10, 3:49 pm
800 for reps!?!? holy crap brother! That's INTENSE!!

09-16-10, 12:06 am
Man, I just don't know what to do..