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09-14-10, 7:32 pm
I am 48, have gotten down to 42 lbs and 8% bodyfat, and I am gaining. Now I am 145 lbs. I have gained in every weight I do. On tricep extensions I am now going 140 lbs on the bar. A year ago I could only do 110. I am doing dumbbell flytes for my pects. I am up to 50lbs, up from 40 lbs. I can do 80 lbs on bicep machine. I do the easy bar curls at 70 lbs, up from 50 lbs. I can do the shoulder machine at a 100 after only 80 lbs, and I can do overhead shoulders with barbells at 52.5 lbs. ATP would be good to see on a 48 year old. Jacked Up D, Animal Staks, and Animal Paks have been my most recent supplementation. JP

09-15-10, 9:32 am
Awesome increases my man! Progress is key!