View Full Version : I got interviewed by simplyshredded.com - check it out!

09-23-10, 11:55 pm


G Diesel
09-24-10, 12:02 am
Dope shit Antoine. Keep it going my brother.

Peace, G

09-24-10, 12:16 am
Dope shit Antoine. Keep it going my brother.

Peace, G

thanks bro. hows the road trip?

Mr. Dead
09-24-10, 12:30 am
Awesome!!! Great interview!!!

Universal Rep
09-24-10, 9:39 am
Solid interview brother, congrats.

09-24-10, 10:56 am
Some good info there brother, I really like your unique approach with your sets and rep ranges

09-24-10, 11:17 am

09-24-10, 11:21 am
congrats man, nice interview

09-24-10, 11:41 am
Good shit Antoine and an excellent interview, I'll be stealing some tips from it. Definitely some quality advice, had no idea incline DB press did so much for you, might drop 3-4 sets from my usual flat bench and swap it over to incline now.

S. Clarida
09-24-10, 1:56 pm
Good Stuff!

I got interviewed by them a while back. Hard to believe that one guy was able to put together this site and reach out to all the athletes that have been interviewed.

It's blowing up!

S. Clarida