View Full Version : pleeaassseeee someone help me get the LE tee i just saw

09-25-10, 1:15 am
i am begging someone to help me out and purchase the black animal tee i just saw with the yellow writing. im assuming thats the LE tee for the cage this year and ive gotta have it!!! please someone help a brother out! ill send money or whatever ive just gotta find a way to get an XL to add to my collection!

09-25-10, 2:09 pm
hopefully someone will be kind enough to hook me up, those tee's are sick!

09-25-10, 2:52 pm
Same here if someone would grab an extra in medium or large I'd gladly pay the price plus shipping and add in a bonus for the troubles.

09-25-10, 3:47 pm
ive really gotta have one of those tee's i hope someone can help a brotha out

09-26-10, 11:50 pm