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09-28-10, 6:41 pm
I'm Excited for the opportunity to test this new supplement out... I'm currently running a Sheiko 9 week then a Sheiko main Cycle till my Competition in November, For RAW United. I wasn't going to reveal much of where I am at till after the Comp. but since I've been bestowed this honor I'll show my hand, since by the time the O cycle Is done I'll be testing the waters of my Maxes

Deadlift : 500
Bench : 350
Squat : 390

As you can see I'm knocking right at the door of 4 plates... and I hope to get it done before the comp. ... I've set myself up for taking nothing less from my training and I assure you none of you will see anything less from me either.

I promised I'd cut loose if I got picked and hell if I ever don't keep my promises... time to blow the doors In ...The Ape been let out of the cage

Mr. Dead
09-28-10, 6:52 pm

09-28-10, 7:43 pm
hell yah man..looking forward to this

09-28-10, 9:03 pm

hell yah man..looking forward to this

much appreciated

09-28-10, 9:38 pm
Subbed. Definitely looking forward to seeing how the weights move on this.

J Wong
09-28-10, 10:02 pm
In for this man. Good luck with the rest of your training for November, hope Agent O does well for you! I will see you on the platform in 6 weeks!

09-28-10, 10:53 pm
In for this man. Good luck with the rest of your training for November, hope Agent O does well for you! I will see you on the platform in 6 weeks!

looking forward to meeting you there...

09-29-10, 5:54 am

09-29-10, 8:52 am
Knocking??? You are there....show those 4 plates whose boss

09-29-10, 10:52 am
I'm in...

09-29-10, 4:16 pm
Knocking??? You are there....show those 4 plates whose boss

HAhahaha will do man...


I'm in...

thanx bros, I'm patiently waitin for that epic tester box to grace my door step...

which makes me think.. how epic would it be if Animal Shipped out black Boxes with just a yellow A symbol ion the top ... that'd be awesome... foreboding looking as well..

09-29-10, 7:11 pm
Subbed buddy. Kill it!

09-29-10, 7:41 pm

09-30-10, 5:53 pm
Subbed buddy. Kill it!


man i hope it comes friday... i got the night off sooo I def wanna try it out

10-01-10, 7:56 pm
Something tells me tomorrow this bad boy's coming ... wasn't today because i was taking an off day... but i 'm pretty sure i'm gunna meet face to face with a black clad UPS worker, and then the fun will commence... hahaha

10-01-10, 8:32 pm
While I'm at it I might as well write out the plans for my split... I've been running this for 7 weeks now It Mostly Works like this....

Tuesday - Bench/Squats
Wednesday - core/accessory
Thursday - Bench/Deads
Friday - off
Saturday -Bench/Squats
Sunday - Deads/Back work

10-05-10, 6:53 pm
Just Got it
time to start this bad boy up... just took the 1st package .. and idk about that time frame rate they gave us for it to kick in... i'm not sensitive to stims either but if your gunna take it BE READY... cuz this stuffs already started to kick in... idk it may be because I've been pissed all day long but my blood is boiling now.. shit... after i DL sum angry ass music im toppling Giants!!

...on a side note the taste isn't nutin to call home about... so drink it like a damn shot ... quick and easy

10-05-10, 9:50 pm
for a first day i have to give my compliments to the chef on this 1... I mean damn like a bullet it hit ... sadly tho bc of the immediate stimulus i wasted a bit of the full affect early...idk if it was just me of what but 5 min after taking it my blood went full force pumping... I got into the gym and flew thru my squat sets too... all the way up to 80% just banging them out.. and i didnt loose any momentum till my 3rd to last set of squats... i still felt energized and focused ... but i wasn't super surged like I was earlier...so tomorrow I will be ready to go to the gym the moment i take O.

50%x3 60%3x2 70%3x2 80%2x5

50%x3 60%x3 70%3x2 80% 2x5


DB Military Presses

day went well , and i cant wait to keep on taking this... shit i want this for comp day

10-07-10, 6:16 pm
Havent posted bc ive been busy but i did a quicky yesterday and my deads today... and overall this shit really keeps up my stamina if nothing else ...

Day 2

Barbel Curls
5 sets of 8-10

10 sets of 15-25

Side Bends
4 sets of 8-12

Leg Lifts
6 sets of 12-20

DB Curls
3 sets of 8

10-07-10, 6:26 pm
I felt a little rush in the beginning but nothing too special.. the biggest thing i am noticing tho is I can blast thru my workouts with change to spare... I mean bench went by in a flash and deads were breezing... some really sick stuff if you ask me..

50%x3 60% 3x2 70% 3x2 80% 2x4
-without even thinking about it my first set of 80% was actually a set of 5 hahaha decided to pay attention and redo the entire course

6-15 reps 6 sets

7sets 19-25 reps
Decline abbz x10-15 for 2
Hanging Leg Raises x10

Calf Raises
3 sets x20

50%x3 60%x4 x3 70%x4 x3 75% x5 x5 x2 x2

DB Shoulder Press
4 sets of 5

- I got up to 100pds on the last set and was pleasantly surprised to find out i could rep out 5 of em' tho i was too gassed to finish my attempt at 120 .... maybe next time

i was there for 2 hours without giving it a second thought... my overall energy was very high i only got tired toward the very end and to tell you the truth 2 hrs of heavy training is no damn joke lol.... all the weight seemed very easy to lift and i was literally exploding out of the hole with most of my sets... very cool day

10-09-10, 7:37 pm
Im stuck in cape coral for some wedding stuff so thats why i havent posted any more results with O ... I'll be back testing on monday... not that anyone really is checking this tho lol

10-10-10, 2:46 am
Oh I'm here reading bro. Looking solid so far.

10-11-10, 8:05 pm
ok after a lil break from taking it i came back today for a quick session and i have to say this stuff will allow you to force rush a w/o

i was entirely congested and sick this morning ...but i was feeling no pain here when i was working out... i still have to say this stuff lets you break walls and last out the entire session

Conjunction of arms (rotating from barbel curls , db alt curls, and ez bar curls)
all were 6 sets of 5-8

5 sets of 20-30

6 sets of 15-20

4 sets of 12-18

10-11-10, 10:25 pm
I'm diggin' this Agent O stuff. It's working well for me.

Hope you're not getting sick, Mass. I don't want anything to impair your meet prep.

10-12-10, 7:00 pm
ok ... Herc how are u changing the color of your logs... u really gotta tell me....

and today was entirely epic ... i cant wait to post it up but it'll be a few i have sum errands to run b4 i can relax... till then

10-13-10, 12:48 am
I literally killed it today in the gym... i was there for 2 hrs just straight popping out sets
i'm glad to be actually doing regular days again..

50%x3 60% 3x2 70% 3x2 80% 2x4 85% 2x1

60%x8 - finisher

the 85% was alittle extra i felt i needed to throw in there... i was ready to toss some real weight around

50%x3 60%x4 70% 4x2 80% 3x4 90%x2

again went over what was expected because i was feeling locked loaded and ready to go



10-13-10, 12:49 am
i kno it doesnt look like much but seriously that was a pretty big day and i was realling jumpin around on this 1 it still has quite a big affect even after the 5th dose...

10-19-10, 2:23 pm
after all thats happened I have no Idea where I'm atin this log the only thing i kno i def didnt log is my new max dead... which was crazy ... ill have to look back on my written log to see what i'm missing here ... will update this later tonight ...great to be back on the site