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09-28-10, 9:25 pm
Hello all, this will be my Agent O ATP log. My typical split and approximate diet will be posted below, adding to my protein and carb intake overall to try and hit some PR's as well as build some mass while I have this stuff.


Monday- Biceps/Tricep/Abs
Tuesday- Legs
Wednesday- Back/Abs
Thursday- Toning/Long Cardio(Used for arms in cases of swift recovery)
Friday- Chest/Biceps/Abs
Saturday- Off
Sunday- Off

***Off days will commonly be used when not sufficiently sore or when workouts need to be switched to allow addition of more mass***


--Take Cuts and a Pak upon waking up-

Meal 1- 3 whole eggs/2 egg whites/Veggies

--Take Agent O and Nitro--

**Work out** <-----Times vary, occasionally wait until after 2nd meal.

--Take 2nd Nitro--

Snack 1- Kashi Oatmeal

Meal 2- White meat or Tilapia/Veggies/brown rice

Meal 3- 87g Protein Shake w/ Almonds

--2nd pack of Cuts 1hr after shake--

Snack 2- Natural Peanut Butter

Meal 4- Chicken Caesar Salad w/ possible dressing

Snack 3- Granola bar or Natural Multi-Grain Tortilla Chips

Meal 5- Cheat Meal

Meal 6- White meat or Tilapia/Veggies/brown rice

Veggies= Broccoli/Green Beans/Corn

Alright folks I'll be sure to start up whenever the box arrives. Thanks again to J-Dawg and Universal for giving me a shot to try this stuff out.

09-28-10, 10:40 pm
Subbed. In for you log K.

09-29-10, 7:07 am

Mr. Dead
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09-29-10, 1:55 pm
Subbed. In for you log K.



I appreciate it,I know I'll be looking at all the logs not only my own to see if someone finds a better method or time for taking it. Pretty excited looks like a good mix of power lifters and body builders going at it with Agent O!

10-02-10, 12:00 am
Alright, well it appears my package arrived today but due to being home for my birthday I cannot get it. I will definitely be going to pick it up Monday at 8am so I can start taking it which I am pumped as all hell for.

In short: Get ready people...come Monday shits gonna get real in this thread.

10-04-10, 5:20 pm
Picked up my package of Agent O this morning as promised, here's what went down:

Cooked myself 16oz NY strip steak AND 2 4oz chicken cutlets with brown rice and green beans. Meal was definitely sufficient to start out Agent O. I had missed 2 meals so I needed the carbs and protein...badly. I also had a protein shake: 59g of 100% whey protein w/ water.

Took Agent O w/ 6oz water was a bit strong for me to chug so I made it 10oz and downed it on the spot with 1 pack of Nitro. The taste was excellent once I added a bit more water to drown out to potent taste/smell.

Had an 60 minute workout went with biceps/triceps/abs as promised and I must say damn good pump and tons of energy. I was about to leave 45mins in because I took no breaks and no slow B.S., just straight working out the entire time had someone set up the next machines for me as a favor. I ended up coming back for more since I had the energy.

Summary: Agent O gave me a quite noticeable burst of energy allowing me to do many more reps than normal with the bicep curls in particular. Check out my normal log for exact exercise details.

10-04-10, 5:31 pm
My bad forgot to mention hit a huge PR on 50lb DB curl reps. 39 reps altogether AFTER my planned workout during that unexpected burst of energy, took approx 6mins of rest for all of them. Really pleased guys, sent a few people to join the FORVM as well after getting a lot of questions about my Animal shirt ;)

10-05-10, 1:13 pm
Did a nice fast paced back workout today as I feel it is a weak point for me, or at least the definition just doesn't show yet.... Anyways I ate nice hefty meals at my normal times and took Agent O 30mins before the gym with the usual 4-6oz water. It tasted better today maybe it just takes one time to get used to the intensity.

What I noticed:

-Able to do more sets
-Elevated heart rate during fast paced workout(172 avg from 164 normal avg)
-Much more concentrated and more pumped by the music due to focusing extra energy
-Vascularity a bit more noticeable due to high rate of blood flow

-If you feel a strong effect from Agent O focus on music or your drink when in between sets, you may if looking around a lot pay more attention to people staring/watching.

Mr. Dead
10-05-10, 1:14 pm
Nice!!! Good to know info...

10-07-10, 2:34 pm
Tried something different today as I felt extremely motivated and 2 lifting partners there to keep my mind off pain.

9am: Meal 2

9:30am: 1 serving Agent O straight to my mouth drank a sip of water to wash it down

10:15am: Felt the rush and began a heavy Bicep focused workout

11:15am: Tried taking a 2nd serving to see how it works for those who stay at the gym for 2+ hours

1pm: Finished workout

As you can see a long workout today, hit a few PR's which has me really pumped for next week. I feel great, my heart rate was average even with the 2nd serving though I did NOT do cardio since I was focusing on my stubborn biceps which haven't been growing regardless of weight or protein intake...guess they need time and maybe a week of light weight. Anyways the Agent O helped to fuel a 2hr 45min workout of heavy weight I will list the PR's I hit below.


Cable V-bar Curls(Two Hands): 160lbsx3 <---Max is 140 I added all 20lb of extra weights
Bicep Curls Close Grip- 90x15
DB Curls- 60x12x10x8 and 50x10x10x10x10x10x10x8
Cable V-bar Pull down: 140x10x8

5 PR's in total and the longest session I've ever done, I feel amazing. Really, thank you Agent O and Universal for giving me the boost I needed, but now I need to go bandage up my hands cause those cable curls with the v-bar cut into my hands...even with gloves.

10-11-10, 10:36 am
New week and more Agent O logs feeling awesome after a weekend of homecoming celebration here at University. Anyways I may post again later since I may head back to the gym for biceps/triceps but I did back due to my lack of food before heading to the gym earlier.

7:30am- Agent O poured in mouth, downed with chocolate protein shake(NOT RECOMMENDED)

Well that mixture tasted horrible but it did the trick

8am- Went in to the gym with very little whole food in my stomach

^Took important call...asked roommate to take chicken & eggs off both in 2mins....come back eggs were nasty as hell and chicken looked like a hockey puck. I may have to punch him later.

Alright well even on a near empty stomach with only 50g protein and my vitamins/nitro/agent o in me I managed a mediocre back workout. As mentioned previously I will probably go back to deal with my arms but due to total lack of carbs and dizziness I couldn't do more than 2 sets of 50lb curls which means I need to take in some real food and stop by later.

10-12-10, 1:56 pm
Took my Agent O at 11am today after a nice meal of chicken and brown rice with a protein shake. Gave me the burst of energy I needed to do deads and real squats for the first time, so these are PR's for me, proud that I could man up to these exercises today and Agent O definitely added to the explosive energy necessary for them.

Here's the squats/deads section of today's workout. All new to me so I was careful with the weight.

Squats <---Really surprised how strong my legs were despite me always doing hack squats

300x10 <--Sloppy 5 in I started going only about half way down before coming up


200x4 <-- Failed here a bit disappointed seems like light weight but I'll work on that over time

10-14-10, 12:52 am
No PR's today but I was extremely focused, also added M-stak back to my arsenal of supps. It took approximately 25mins to kick in and I was focusing real hard on every movement. Thanks to Agent O I made sure I was dead on with my form for each and every workout, not a huge energy burst today though.

Pre workout food intake:

6pm- 2 cheeseburgers w/ lettuce & ketchup
8pm- 50g protein shake taken w/ Nitro/M-Stak took Agent O 15mins later
11pm- 2 chicken cutlets w/ brown rice
Currently- Cassein protein shake before bed

Never taken O so close to sleeping so I'll add input on if it affected my sleep or not tomorrow.

10-19-10, 9:47 pm
Glad to see the FORVM is back for the moment. Alrighty fellas I am unfortunately out of Agent O(and Shock Therapy *sigh*), but here is an update on what went down my last 3 doses and a summary.

10/14- The Agent O did affect my sleep, got focused on some disturbing news and I had to take a natural sleep aid to eventually fall asleep on 10/13.

The usual effects for me persisted 10/15 and 10/16 which are the increased focus and a slight energy increase. Agent O really did help me keep my eye on form when lifting.


I do enjoy Agent O, but in my specific case it really depends what type of pre-workout corporate was aiming at. If its only job was a strong mental focus then they have achieved their goals and it's a quality product. However since they will be taking feedback from these trials I must be honest, and if it was meant for a real energy kick ass boost it hasn't done the job for me in that department. Sure it did while I was getting used to it and I was excited(effects could have been placebo at first) but after a few days the physical effects dissipated and recently it is only that focused mental state. I would encourage corporate to tweak the formula a bit to present a physical energy rush as well that would push someone to run up to the gym and warm up, a product that will have people's bodies excited, not really really jittery(I wouldn't mind it), but excited.

In conclusion I would buy Agent O when it's released whether or not these changes are made but combine it with another pre-workout supplement that I take for the body rush. My issues may be subject to the fact that I have a HIGH tolerance to stimulants like caffeine, I take M-stak with the stim cap and Agent O with little physical energy rush, sometimes I took both with Shock Therapy for a body rush and that worked. So just beware others conclusions may be far far different from my case.

I would like to thank Universal and Animal for this opportunity, and I look forward to being a long long time customer.