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09-28-10, 10:17 pm
Nothing fancy. Just a 42 year old gym junkie...

Current supplements are:
100% Beef Aminos - 4-6 with every meal
Chocolate Ultra Iso Whey Protein - 1 scoop preworkout, 2 post, and 2 at night.
and my favorite watermelon EAA Stack - 5-6 scoops daily
*(two in the morning while I work, 4 in a jug that I drink before, and during my workouts.)

Sat: Chest and Tri's
Sunday: Back and minor grip work
Monday: Shoulders and Traps
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Biceps and more grip work (forearms)
Friday: Off

*I will have at least 1 strongman workout thrown into this mix as I usually train once every 2-3 weeks.

I am a high volume kind of guy, and really enjoy compounding exercises together. I just love mixing it up to keep my muscles guessing. I have taken a lot from my many questions to Vinny, and have really tried to follow his advice in the gym.

Nutrition: Carb Cycling as I am trying to lose some bodyfat. I have currently drop 3-4 % in the last 6 weeks, and would like to see another 3-4 go. My days follow this basic plan.
Mon: carbs with all 6 meals
Tues-Wed: carbs with 3 meals
Thurs-Sat: carbs with 1 meal
Sun: the CHEAT DAY

I tend to eat 10 ounces of redmeat on my 1 carb days, which I am really happy with and will continue. I get most of my protein from chicken, with a few meals from fish when I can fit them in. My carb sources are brown rice, and sweet potatoes. I do eat quite a bit of green veggies too. It is definitely a work in progress, but it is always improving.

I hope that gives the basics. I am psyched to get started on this....

09-29-10, 5:56 am

Mr. Dead
09-29-10, 6:55 pm

09-29-10, 7:04 pm
Subbed. Kill it brother!

09-29-10, 7:35 pm
Subbed. Kill it brother!



Thanks. I checked the mail 10 times today just hoping it would get here in time for leg day.

Maybe tomorrow!

Universal Rep
10-01-10, 5:30 pm
Looks like ur the first to get it. Good luck brother. Lookin' forward to the feedback.

10-01-10, 8:32 pm
Looks like ur the first to get it. Good luck brother. Lookin' forward to the feedback.

got it out on my table ready for tomorrow's chest/tricep workout. I cant wait to try it out after reading everyone's comments from the O.

10-02-10, 8:20 am
it's gO time. Leaving for the gym in about 60 minutes.

it has been raining for 2 days, and i am beat tired. it is the 3rd day of my low carb cycle, and it seems like sat is always the hardest day for me to get motivated for the gym.

keeping my meals the same. i had 8-10 ounces of steak for breakfast. I will have 2 scoops of iso whey about 30 minutes prior to training. I have my EAA stack all mixed up and ready to go.

i plan on taking agent O after i get to the gym as i begin my set warmup for my shoulders...

lets do this!

10-02-10, 1:18 pm
Back from the gym. We have a winner. I am impressed.

I will post my workout below, but here are some notes that i find interesting...

*i took agent O as i walked into the gym. i mixed it with about 5 ounces of water, and loved the taste. the taste actually hung around a lot longer than i thought, and could even taste it over my watermelon eaa stack.

*i felt the 'effects' about 20 minutes later. i was able to time it so i was hitting the heaviest part of my chest workout. these 'effect' resurged a few times during my tricep workout as well and really kept me going.

*i have very weak shoulders from swimming injuries, and much stronger triceps, so i usually have a hard time getting that serious chest pump. not today. i felt like i was able to really focus on what i was doing and my chest was burning from the start.

*I tend to only do a light triceps workout due to being burned out from chest, but i seemed to really be able to push them just as hard. i even had the energy to finsih with 20 minutes of cardio afterwards, which is something that NEVER happens on my low carb days.

i warmup and start with light incline presses trying to work my grip wider on each set.
5 sets of 10-12 reps (weight varies from 135-185)
flat db press(10 rep goal)/flat db flyes(20 reps goal)
65/30 for 10 reps/20 reps
3 sets of 100/30 for 10 reps/20 reps (i usually top out at about 8 reps. it was nice to get the full 10 reps)
decline smith machine press(15 reps)/low incline db flyes (15 reps)
3 sets of 185/30
flat barbell press at 225
1 set of 8 reps ( i was happy since i had already done so much for chest)
cable crossovers (incline and flat)
3 sets of 20 reps each. i try to pause the last 10 reps on each exercise)

overhead barbell extension - 4 sets of 10 reps
tate db press/over db extension with hammer grip - 3 sets of 10/15 reps
BW dips/reverse extensions
3 sets of 15/25 reps

drank my iso whey shake, and did my cardio...

all in all a very good workout for me. no shakes. no jitters. had my blood pressure taken directly after the workout and it was 122/80.

10-03-10, 8:03 am
i found it pretty cool that the effects seemed to resurge yesterday as i was playing baseball with my son. no where near the same strength, but the heat did come back. he is 9 years old, and takes alot of energy to keep up with, and honestly today was alot of fun. the heat from agent O made me feel warmed up alot quicker, and honestly made me more active with him.

today is back. day 2 with agent O. i can't wait.

10-03-10, 5:19 pm
day 2

i moved my iso whey to 45 minute before my workout and the agent O kicked in much quicker for me today. it also seemed to be a lot stronger as well. i did use 4 ounces of water, and chugged it right away. the taste was much more intense, almost medicinal. i think i will keep adjusting the water amount until i find a good mix.

the workout was good. pullups, deads, lat pulldown/seated row, cg seated row/straight arm pulldowns for back. high reps straight bar curls, seated db curls/hammer curls, and high rep isolation curls on a cable.

i seemed to take less rest, and really motored through this workout. reps did increase with each set, and my endurance was really good today. i love the fact that i get the heat, but no jitters, and no other side effects from agent O (in my opinion).

i will hit cardio later this evening.

10-04-10, 6:43 am
morning after day 2. i am sore as hell. that is a bit unusual as i train alone, and sometimes i know i don't push as hard or as heavy as i would like.

the higher rep/ higher volume workout that Vinny suggested for me has allowed me to really push myself while working out alone in the gym. the last two days have been really good. it is nice to feel the effects of the workout, and know that you did some good.

today after school is shoulders and traps...

Blondie Weapon X
10-04-10, 1:09 pm
I hope my stuff come SOON!!

10-04-10, 3:23 pm
Good stuff M. Glad to see it arrived quickly for ya.

10-04-10, 6:14 pm
Good stuff M. Glad to see it arrived quickly for ya.

thanks for checking in...

today is day 3 with agent O. I only have 45 minutes in the gym because of a speed and agility class my son is taking. I work out while he is there to get an extra day in the gym.

i hit shoulders and traps. today with agent O was a blast. i mixed it with the full 6 ounces, and definitely like the taste. the extra water thinned it out enough to make it easy to down.

i like the taste, almost tropical. i know that it mixes perfectly with my watermelon eaa stack that i drink afterwards.

i had a PR in my strict overhead presses. i got 135 for 6 easy reps. i know that is not much, but being 6'8, that bar is moving a long ways. i then added my legs into a set of 185 and got 4 easy reps. i switch back and forth from shoulders and traps as i am short on time. i hit another PR in front db raises as well. i did not even realize it until i finished the set. i just kept moving up the rack...5 reps and go.

i was definitely more focused than i usually am. honestly most of the time i would do an exercise and go watch my son....and never got alot done.

10-04-10, 6:15 pm
tomorrow is a day off.

i plan on taking it in the morning for my work. i teach PE for a K-8 school and figure i would see how agent O fairs at a day with the kids.

i almost feel sorry for the kids.....

10-06-10, 12:04 pm
took it yesterday morning and had a great day torturing the kids in PE class. i never got the heat that i had experienced in the gym, but definitely had the increased energy throughout the day.

today is leg day....

10-06-10, 5:27 pm
leg day may have been my best experience so far. i took the time to mix it with 7 ounces of water and down it without an issue. i actually liked the taste alot better, but wonder if the added water would delay the effect. nope. not at all.

i tend to warmup with calves as i stretch out my legs. the heat came on in about 10 minutes, and really got my workout going. it seemed the hotter that i got the more effort i was putting into it. i know that my rest was shorter, and my endurance was up in each exercise. i add calves in as i go, and was able to really push them today as well.

i am working on form and have been doing 20 rep squats. i felt like i was alone in the gym, and really pushed out every last rep i could. i also do 20 reps on the leg press, and again work on my depth. i am 6'8" and really feel like that is and will always be something that i am working on during my leg days.

then leg ext, leg curls, and stiff legged deadlifts. noone else does legs on wednesday so i had everything to myself. it was awesome.

i ended with some footwork drills and jumping rope. i honestly usually do not have the energy to do them, and had no problem today.

i could barely walk after the long ride home. wow, that first step was painful.

10-06-10, 5:32 pm
after almost 1 full week on agent O, i can't wait until this hits the shelves.

my energy in the gym is off the charts. my focus on my workouts has always been good, but i really have taken it to the next step with agent O. strength gains have remained constant, but i have noticed improved reps on all of the exercises. the best part is that i really don't feel like i am on any kind of stimulant. i do not have any jitters, or shakey hands. i am sleeping just as well, if not better.

my only concern is wondering what i am going to do when my can of agent O runs out. i seriously don't want to stop it.

Mr. Dead
10-06-10, 5:33 pm
Nice!!! I'm still waiting to get mine...

10-06-10, 10:05 pm
Looking awesome in here Mattman. Keep the feedback coming.

10-07-10, 8:03 pm
Looking awesome in here Mattman. Keep the feedback coming.

thanks for checking in...

after 1 full week on agent O:
(1) energy - improved but not overdone. the boost is pretty long and resurfaces as the workout progresses
(2) focus - keeps me focused on my workouts. almost to the point where i feel like i am alone in the gym.
(3) intensity - a big step up in intensity. workouts have gotten better and better
(4) performance - more reps with less rest has really up my pump in the gym.
(5) fatigue - none. i go until i am done, even on leg day. my legs gave out before i got fatigue.
(6) strength - see performance. my endurance is off the charts.
(7) duration of effects - i feel it kick in about 10 minutes after i take it. the initial heat seems to last for at least a good 2-3 hours. now i have felt the heat kick in later as i play sports with my son. i have felt like i have been able to warmup quicker even 4-5 hours after the initial dose.

Big C
10-07-10, 8:16 pm
Mine should be here by Friday bro....

But that's some good analysis.

I'm leary of things that make my heart race too fast though....how would you say that is?

10-07-10, 9:41 pm
Mine should be here by Friday bro....

But that's some good analysis.

I'm leary of things that make my heart race too fast though....how would you say that is?

i honestly never felt my heart race. the thing for me is the heat that agent O caused. the heat seemed to be what drove my workouts. no jitters at all.

i even bagged the water today and dumped the bag in my mouth. i rinsed it down with a drink of water.

10-09-10, 9:08 pm
i am on week two.

friday is an off day from the gym. i took agent O after lunch on an empty stomach and it really helped me get through the long day at school. i even got to come home and do some cardio. i had so much energy that i went out and played with my 240lb atlas stone. it is one that was given to me as a goal lift. i racked it 3 times. not too shabby for something i was not supposed to move.

sat was chest/tris. just a crazy workout. it is awesome to be able to get through both body parts with the same energy and intensity.

as a comparison...i am one that usually takes 2 scoops of shock therapy. i drink 1 before, and i add one to my eaa stack that i drink early in my workout. agent O blows that away.

agent O WILL be a basic building block for me....guaranteed. i am now done to 6 servings, and need to find out how i can get more. i really do not want to go without it.

10-09-10, 9:09 pm
Looking awesome in here Mattman. Keep the feedback coming.

this is the real deal. this stuff needs to be packed up and shipped out. it is ready. it is that good, IMO.

10-10-10, 2:13 am
I agree this needs to be named and shipped! Hey how do you do the signature where you have Agent O log like that. I remember reading how to do that awhile back but forgot and can't find it.

10-10-10, 8:37 am
I agree this needs to be named and shipped! Hey how do you do the signature where you have Agent O log like that. I remember reading how to do that awhile back but forgot and can't find it.


you can change the 'agent o log' to whatever you want...you need to finish the brackets on the last url to make it work.

10-13-10, 5:55 pm
i now have 2 days left. today i dumped it into my jug of eaa stack and drank it throughout the day. i found that i still had a lot of kick in my workout. it may not have been that major boost, but it kept me driving through my leg workout.

i know the road is coming to an end. i hope that i have logged in enough info for everyone. testing this out was an absolute blast.

i finish on friday, and have major blood work set for monday. i am interested to see how agent o may have influenced things on the cellular level. only time will tell.

i still would love to know the projected time frame on getting this to the public....soon i hope.

10-31-10, 4:08 pm
definitely looking forward to round two. the good just got better. i cant wait.

i am curious to see if the capsules are as fast acting as the powder. i loved the fact that i felt the effects withing about 10 minutes of taking my shot of agent O. i wonder if the timing will change to allow it to dissolve...

either way i cant wait!