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09-28-10, 11:57 pm
I can't say thank you enough to UNIVERSAL and ANIMAL. This is an amazing opportunity and I plan to make this worth it.

I will get this started now, so I can make way for all the goodness.

I will record my starting weight tomorrow morning at the gym.

[What to keep track of— In particular, did you notice any increases in:
Energy, focus, intensity, performance, fatigue, strength, weight on any exercises, any personal records?]

The 2 PR's that I have up to date are Bench-265 & LegPress- 1000

So i'm sure I'll give those another go once I'm done with the trial.

I have been in need of a new PreWO, so this should be the kick in the pants I need.

I am really just hoping to have an increase of Energy/focus/fatigue which have been my biggest drag these past couple of months: school, working everyday.

My split is certainly an interesting one, and a first for me.

I am only working out physically 3 days a week. however, I am working out 2 times, all of those 3 days. This is due mainly to a weightlifting class I take in the afternoon and the weightlifting i do with one of my professors in the morning.

Today is going to be an odd lifting week for me. I will be cut short to 4 lift sessions (2 days) because I have to do 2 make-up drill days for the fiscal 2009-2010 year, on Thurs and Fri

but starting next week, my lifts schedule should be this:

Mon (am) : Delts
Mon (pm) : Legs
Wed (am) : Arms/Calves/Traps
Wed (pm) : Chest
Fri (am) : Back
Fri (pm) : Delts


Mon (am) : Legs
Mon (pm) : Arms/Calves/Traps
Wed (am) : Chest
Wed (pm) : Back
Fri (am) : Delts
Fri (pm) : Legs

this is it.... lol

i'm sure i'll think of other stuff to jibber jabber down.

of course, any questions, concerns, please ask....

over and out


09-29-10, 12:28 am
also forgot to mention, I'm ingesting 2x ~40g protein whey shakes a day (both after each workout)

I am also taking ANIMAL PAK and FLEX.


Mr. Dead
09-29-10, 2:20 am
In, for this!!!

09-29-10, 6:32 am
Waiting for hell to break loose!

09-29-10, 9:42 pm
Thank you for your interest gents.

I weighed in at 186 this morning for my 1st workout. I was doing chest without a spot, but I managed to throw 225 around for 3 reps, (PR). Did 4 sets of Bench, 4 sets of Incline Dumbell, 4 sets of Weighted Dips. I was running a little late today, didn't get my full thrust in.


1: 8 x 205
2: 3 x 225; 5 x 135
3: 1 x 245; 8 x 135
4: 6 x 205

1: 10 x 65s
2: 8 x 75s
3: 6 x 80s
4: 5 x 80s

1: 10 x BW
2: 10 x 15
3: 8 x 25
4: 6 x 35


Bicep Curls Dumbell
1: 10 x 25s
2: 10 x 30s
3: 9 x 35s
4: 8 x 40s

2-Hand Behind Head
1: 10 x 50
2: 8 x 60
3: 7 x 70
4: 5 x 80

Preacher Curls
1: 10 x 65
2: 8 x 75

Skull Crushers
1: 10 x 75
2: 8 x 85

(my class was cut short as well.....the teacher wanted to 'talk' to us)

that's it for now :D


10-03-10, 9:28 pm
Well I learned a little too late that I could have worked out Thursday at drill. We were given 2 hours for lunch, so I could've very easily fit a workout. Frustrating as that was, I indeed did some physical stuff. We serialized all of the weapons in the armory. that includes, M4, M16A4, M240G, M249 SAW, M2 .50cal, Mk 19, M252 Mortar, and a bunch of other crap. point being, non of those MGs are light. unfortunately i couldn't curl the 50 cal, or shoulder press the mortar, but it was indeed un-fun. Friday, we ran a CFT, Combat Fitness Test. Essentially, it is a fitness assessment used by the MC in tandem with our PFT (Physical " "). the CFT consists of a 880 yard run, an ammo can shoulder press, and "maneuver under fire".


the hardest part being the "maneuver under fire". you end up having to fireman's carry someone, who is 'supposed' to be 10lbs heavier or lighter or same as you. being so short, and heavy, it kinda makes for some interesting situations.

regardless, i ran that, in 2:12. which is a perfect. I ran the 880 in 2:25, again a perfect, and did 100 ammo can lifts, for another perfect.

im a little tired and sore still today, but I can't wait to get Agent O in the mail and get this party started.

i'll be at the gym in the morning, and post my lift later that day. my monday 11:30 weightlifting class has been cancelled this week, so once again, my schedule will be f'd up. but i will certainly post any changes.


10-04-10, 4:31 pm
This looks to be an interesting log lycan. Looking forward to it.

10-04-10, 10:10 pm
This looks to be an interesting log lycan. Looking forward to it.

thank you sir, i'm flattered to have your eyes on it.

today's lifts....legs. monday morning at 6:15, has to be one of the best times to do it i think...lol.

I did get a full night of sleep, i started sipping on a 5-hour energy (extra strength) on the way to the gym, drank about half of it total throughout the workout. Drinking water between sets.

weight @ 185


Walking Lunges (a lap is back and forth, about 10 "single lunges" per leg)
BW x 2 laps
25 x 2 laps
50 x 2 laps
90 x 1 lap

135 x 8
185 x 8
225 x 6
275 x 4
315 x 1

Leg Extension
150 x 8
180 x 8
200 x 6

Leg Curl
150 x 7
140 x 8
140 x 8

legs still were stiff from the CFT. ceratinly hurts to take squat down to sit. lol


10-10-10, 8:03 pm
I am writing this today, but i am pretending like i did this thursday night at work.

i got home wednesday night from work, and my girlfriend had picked up my mail from my parents' house.

i saw the package, and knew it was time for the bidniss...

open sesame

do you see what i seeeeee.......

in da box

paid in FULL :D


under the hood

pop the top

first thing i noticed was the smell. its hard to describe exactly, other than stale orange peel. or the white inside of the orange peel. odd.

the goods

all the packets

so, that is the beginning of the end....