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09-29-10, 5:25 am
I would like to start off with a huge thank you for allowing me to test this. I am active duty Air Force and have been working 3rd shift for several years. It's beginning to wear on me so needless to say I love my stimulants to get me going. I am a family man with a demanding job and have been stuggling to find balance with it all. House I don't know how you do it! Anyway I've worked things out with the wife and we are going to try a 4 on 3 off schedule for awhile so she gets time with me too. As long as I can hit everything at least once a week I'm satisfied for now. I don't have a fancy name for my training, but I'd say I'm moderate to high volume and throw many different intensity factors in such as drop sets, rest pause and slow negatives. Everything is taken to failure or beyond after warming up.
Current stats:
5'4" 207lbs and calipers are reading ~12 - 14% bf

Current supps:
D-Aspartic Acid 3grams upon waking
Animal Pak with 1st meal
Kre-Alkalyn 3grams with 1st meal and 3grams post workout
(this recently replaced creatine mono. Figured I'd try something different)
Shock Therapy (2 servings) combined with 5 grams bcaa's
(suspended for this log)
50 grams whey isolate post workout

changed things up this week for a 4/3
Monday Back/abs
Tuesday Chest/biceps
Wednesday Shoulders/triceps/forearms
Thursday Legs
Friday off
Saturday abs at home/cardio
Sunday cardio
cardio also on days 1-3 as time permits

I'll post this weeks workout as a base when I get home from work so numbers are accurate.

09-29-10, 11:27 am
Are you taking an hit approach with the beyond failure?
Interested to see how this plays out.

Mr. Dead
09-29-10, 12:47 pm

09-29-10, 7:42 pm
failure is a beautiful thing in the gym...subbed.

09-30-10, 4:19 am
Are you taking an hit approach with the beyond failure?
Interested to see how this plays out.

No I'm doing more volume. I've played around with DC in the past but I like my time in the gym. It's working for me and if and when it stops producing results I'll take another look at low volume/high intensity.


failure is a beautiful thing in the gym...subbed.

Awesome thanks and stay tuned!

09-30-10, 7:00 am
Alright here is my week of workouts before Agent O

Monday: Back

BB bent over rows 135x12, 225x12, 315x8, 275x8
hammer strength pulldowns 142x10, 182x8, 202x6, 162x7
DB rows 100x10, 110x10, 120x10
v handle low rows 70x14, 100x10, 140x8
(these done with 2 count hard squeeze and slow 4 count negs)
v handle pull downs 100x10, 120x10 drop set 70x8, 130x7 drop 70x7 drop 40x8
straightarm pull downs with rope 7 sets x10 30 sec rest inbetween starting 65x10 down to 40x10
deads 135x12, 225x12, 315x10, 365x6

Tuesday: Chest/Biceps

Incline hammer strength press: 106x14, 196x12, 286x12, 356x5, 306x4 static hold when couldn't lockout 5th rep
flat db press: 100x10, 110x8, 105x7, 95x10
db incline flys: 60x12, 70x10, 65x8
pec dec: 90x10, 90x9, 80x10
cable cross over 40 per side x 14, 60x8, 50x10
seated alternating db curls: 35x10, 45x7, 40x8
db preacher (vert side) 30x10, 30x8, 25x10
bb hammer bar curls 50x12, 95x10, 115x10

Wednesday: Delts/Tris

Hammer strength press: 110x15, 200x14, 290x10, 310x8 drop 200x11 drop 110x11
standing db laterals: 35x12, 45x10, 40x9, 35x10
reverse pec dec: 90x18, 130x14, 170x12, 180x10
upright rows: 115x12, 135x12, 155x8
close grip bench 135x14, 185x10, 225x8, 235x6
cable incline extensions: 80x14, 100x12, 120x6, 110x7 drop 60x8
rope push downs: 70x12, 80x10, 90x9, 80x9

todays workout was a race against time. Skipped front raises to be sure I had time to get a good tricep workout. Delts were pumped anyway though.

09-30-10, 7:04 am
Thursday I won't be hitting legs. Spending the night with the wife then flying out to Cali then Hawaii until monday. First time I'm not deployed for our anniversary and the Air Force hits me up with a TDY instead. For fuck sake! At least it's Hawaii I guess. I'm sure I'll get legs hit over the weekend on my trip then hopefully come home to my box of Agent O!

09-30-10, 7:45 am

10-03-10, 3:19 am
Looks like just a short time in Hawaii. Probably not going to get a leg workout in till I get back, but starting with that on my split day 1. Gotta be flexible I guess. Hopefully agent O is waiting for me.

10-04-10, 6:24 pm
Subbed for this JG.

10-05-10, 2:24 am
I'm back from Hawaii. Starting with legs tomorrow since I couldn't get them in this weekend. Hopefully O is in the mail tomorrow.

10-05-10, 5:31 pm
Well had a decent leg workout despite being jet lagged. Somehow got a second wind and finished strong at the end.

squats 135x12, 225x12, 315x10, 375x8
hack squats 140x10, 190x10, 230x10, 250x10
leg extensions 50x12, 70x10, 90x9, 100x8
lying leg curl 50x12, 62.5x10, 75x8, 75x8
seated leg curl 50x14, 70x12, 90x10, 90x8
leg press calves 320x15, 410x18, 500x14, 500x12
seated calf machine 125x10, 135x10, 140x10, 145x10

Came home to my box of Agent O waiting for me. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

10-06-10, 10:24 pm
Awesome JG. Let's get this underway.

10-06-10, 11:15 pm
First day with Agent O. Mixed it in 5oz of water. Shook up well. Taste was kind of tart at first with a pleasant orange aftertaste. I felt it kick in about 20mins later. Took it on an empty stomach before my first meal. Once it kicked in ate my first meal, chicken, pasta and broccoli. Let it digest about 20 mins then drove to the gym. Trained chest/triceps.

hammer strength incline: 106x14, 196x12, 286x12, 356x4, 306x5
flat db press: 100x12, 110x10, 120x5, 100x8 drop 55x12
db incline fly: 65x12, 75x7, 65x8
pec dec: 100x12, 110x12, 120x12
close grip bench: 135x14, 185x9, 155x10, 155x10
cable push downs cambered bar: 80x15, 110x12, 130x12, 140x7
db skull crushers: 45x9, 40x10, 35x10, 30x12

I was a little bummed that I got one less rep on the hammer strength on my heaviest set compared to last week. But I did better on some other exercises. I think I need to step away from that exercise and do incline bb or db for awhile. Did this workout in 75 mins. I was dripping sweat by the time I got to triceps. Felt focused and energized. Legs are pretty sore today and skipped cardio.

10-07-10, 9:36 am
I should also report that I took AO at 6pm and around 3am I was still feeling pretty damn good. I'm tired as shit now at 830am but need to help out a neighbor so it looks like I'm not going to get 8 hours of sleep today probably 6 if I'm lucky. We'll see how AO helps in that situation this evening.

10-08-10, 2:55 am
Got four hours of sleep today. I felt like death when the wife woke me up. I took 50mg of ephedrine hcl before I even showered then we went on our errands. Got home ate a meal, let it digest then took my O. Took it with a little bit more water this time. Can't say it was pleasant to drink but I don't have issues with it. I had no desire to work out except knowing the week is winding down, missed Monday as it is and I work this weekend, so didn't have a choice if I wanted to get in everything this week. My lower back hurt also and it was back day. Despite all that I fucking killed it tonight. I felt awesome even though I'm sleep deprived. Didn't do deads with my lower back jacked but bent over rows weren't too bad on it. Well here is what I did.

Bent over rows 135x15, 225x12, 315x10, 335x7 + looser form for another rep
Lat pulldowns overhand wide: 110x15, 130x12, 160x8, 150x8
Bent over db rows: 110x10, 120x10, 130x10
v-grip lat pulldowns: 120x12, 150x10, 175x6 rp 2 more
straight arm pulldowns with rope attachment: 60x15, 80x12, 90x9, 100x8
crunches: 25 reps x3sets
leg raises off incline: 18, 15, 13

really slacking on the cardio this week. Be sure to hit it tomorrow after delts/biceps

10-10-10, 3:38 am
Fridays workout


Hammer strength shoulder press: 110x15, 200x12, 290x12, 310x8 200x7 110x9 triple drop set
Standing db laterals: 40x10, 50x8, 45x8, 35x10
Reverse Pec Dec: 150x12, 170x12, 190x10, 210x9
Upright rows: 95x15, 135x12, 165x8
Incline bb front raises: 40x10, 50x10, 60x7
cambered bar cable curls: 80x10, 100x10, 120x7
Incline db curls: 40x9, 35x8, 30x10
Db preacher curls (vertical side): 30x10, 30x10, 30x10 forced reps on last 2
Pinwheel curls: 40x8, 35x10, 35x7

30mins on eliptical

Again today I felt totally focused on my workout. I've been struggling to progress on the hammer strength shoulder press and was planning on dropping it and going back to bb overhead press but I got 3 more reps with my heaviest set today. Freaking stoked about that! Great energy all the way through cardio and into my night at work.

10-10-10, 3:44 am
Off day but took a serving of Agent O when I woke up and walked the dog 3 miles at a quick pace. Great heat yet no cracked out feeling. I really don't like post ephedra fat burners. The caffeine buzz just feels shitty compared to ephedrine. The stimulants feel great with Agent O. No jitters, agitation or nervousness and appetite doesn't seem to be affected. Just ate a big fresh tuna fillet with 50 grams of protein and it went down well with a cup of brown rice.

10-12-10, 12:15 am
Day 1 week two started off with legs again. Didn't get in calves because I didn't want to rush it as an after thought and the gym was closing soon. One thing I really like about Agent O on leg day is that it's a small concentrated drink. Not alot of shit in the stomach compared to other preworkout drinks results in less nausea for me. Some think they are hardcore and "animal" because they puke. I say why heave up all those expensive supplements onto the floor. That being said I'm not going to ease up just to not puke.

Squats: 135x12, 225x12, 315x10, 385x6
Hack squat: 140x10, 230x10, 280x8, 250x8
Leg extensions: 70x12, 90x10, 100x10, 110x8
SLDL: 135x10, 185x10, 225x10
Lying leg extensions: 62.5x10, 87.5x8, 75x8
Seated leg extensions: 70x10, 90x8, 80x8

Didn't take in any caffeine from other sources today and no other stimulants besides Agent O. Wasn't as amped up today but Agent O was sufficient and got me where I wanted to be. Progression over last week was there so can't complain one bit.

10-12-10, 5:20 pm
Well woke up 3 hours before my alarm clock and decided to get up and moving and take advantage of a few extra hours. Ate 3/4 cup of oats and a 50gram whey shake, ran some errands then took my agent O about 90 mins later. Didn't feel it kick in today but had a good session and focus was there. Did chest and triceps.

Incline db press: 80x12, 100x12, 120x10, 130x5 couldn't quite lock out 6
BB bench press: 135x10, 225x10, 275x5, 245x7
Incline fly: 70x10, 75x10, 80x9
Pec Dec: 120x8, 110x9, 100x10
Dips: 12, +45x10, +45x9
Rope push down: 80x14, 100x12, 120x12, 130x9
Close grip bench: 135x14, 185x12, 205x8, 195x8
DB skull crushers: 40x12, 50x8, 45x8, 40x10

10-12-10, 6:07 pm
hey jason...i put a reply to your question about the link in my post, but i am not sure that you saw it. it is easy.

Agent O Log[/url

you can change the agent O Log to anything you want. You also need to finish the end bracket ]

here is what it will look like for you.
[url="http://forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?t=33550"]Agent O Log (http://forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?t=33550)

hope that helps. that should link it right up for you.

10-12-10, 6:41 pm
No I guess I missed that. Thanks!

10-14-10, 2:13 am
Overslept today. Ran the kids to Subway then took 1 1/2 servings of Agent O pretty much right after. Didn't have time to let food digest then take it. Then on the way to the gym the ex wife called to fight. I was so fucking pumped I didn't sit down once during the workout. In between pulldowns I just paced in circles waiting to hit it again. I think I found the perfect stak. Step one down the Agent O. Step two text the ex wife "call me bitch" Hahaha. Seriously though I had the best back workout in a long time. I forgot my journey book so I'm not going to try and post exactly weight and reps and it not be accurate, but here was my routine today.

Bent over bb rows 4 sets 335x8 on the last set
Hammer strength underhand pulldowns 4 sets
Hammer strength iso lateral rows neutral grip 4 sets got up to 4 plates per side think 8 reps
Pullups 3 sets
straight arm pulldowns with rope attachment 4 sets
straight bb curls 4 sets last set 115x8
db preacher curls on vertical side 3 sets
hammer curls straight up instead of across body like normal 3 sets
reverse grip cambered bar cable curls 3 sets

10-20-10, 4:07 am
Good to see the forvm back up.

Today was back and biceps. I slept like shit and was dragging ass. Getting to be too common of a thing with my schedule. Agent O got me through. I didn't feel razor sharp and it took me a little longer to get through my workout due to my fatigue and possibly from doing deads early in my workout instead of at the end. My lower back was majorly pumped. But like I said it got me through and had a better workout than if I didn't have it. I have one more day left and I'll give my final thoughts. Hopefully this stuff is on the fast track to the store shelves.