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09-29-10, 12:55 pm
Upon my return to the steel I will be putting Agent O through the ringer. I look forward to it. AS for energy, focus Pr's....goona need this because with training numerous clients, school, and a family I'm usually dead on my feet pushing through a workout.

09-29-10, 12:56 pm
Sounds like the perfect product for you bro, subbed for sure.

Mr. Dead
09-29-10, 1:49 pm
What's goin' on, in here...???

09-30-10, 8:07 am
Well until Rage tells me different, here's the scheme of things....

Agent O (of course)
EAA Stack/BCAA Stack: 1 serving each upon waking
Pak: with meal 1
Omega: with meal 2
Creatine Mono: 5 grams pre and post workout
Glutamine: 5 grams pre and post workout
Pump/Shock Therapy:Suspended for this run
Storm: 1 serving pre-during workout
EAA Stack: 1 serving pre-during, 1 serving post
BCAA Stack: 1 serving pre-during, 1 serving post
Nitro: 1 serving post
Torrent: 2 servings post
Uni-Liver: 4 tabs with each meal
Flex: bedtime
PM: bedtime
Vit C: 1g 3 times a day
Niacin: 2g a day on training days
ALA: 1800mg a day

Day 1 Legs
Leg Ext 1x25, 3x12-8
Squats warm-up 4x12-6
Leg Press 4x12-6
Lunges 4x30 steps
Leg Curls 3x12-6
SLDL 3x12-6

Abs 3x25


Day 2 Chest
Shoulder warm-up exercises (15 minutes)
Incline Press warm-up 4x12-6
Incline Flyes 3x12-6
Flat Press 4x12-6
Flat Flyes 3x12-6
Cable Cross-overs
Dips 4x12-6

standing 3x25
seated 3x25
donkey 3x25


Day 3 Rest

Day 4 Back
Pull-Ups Warm-up 4x12-6
Deadlift warm-up 4x12-6
Lat Pull 3x12-6
T-Bar Row 3x12-6
Rev Grip Lat Pull 3x12-6
Cable Rows 3x12-6

Abs 3x25


Day 5 Shoulders
Shoulder warm-up exercises (15 minutes)
Military Press warm-up 4x12-6
Side Lat Raise 3x12-6
Front BB Raise 3x12-6
Upright Rows 3x12-6
Rear Delt Flyes or Rev Pec Deck 3x12-6
Shrugs 4x12-6

Seated 3x25
Standing 3x25
Donkey 3x25


Day 6 Arms
Shoulder warm-up exercises (15 minutes)
Straight Bar Curls 3x12-6
Preacher Curls 3x12-6
Rev Preacher Curls 3x12-6
Hammer Curls 3x12-6
Close Grip Bench 3x12-6
DB Overhead Ext 3x12-6
Rope Ext 3x12-6
Rev Grip Cable Ext 3x12-6

forearm work
wrist curl 3x10
rev wrist curl 3x10



Meal 1
8 whole eggs
2 cups oats
1 cup mixed berries

Meal 2
3 scoops Real Gains, 1 scoop Ultra Whey Pro
1 granola bar

Meal 3
8oz chicken
1 cup brown rice
2 cups veggies

Meal 4
3 scoops Real Gains, 1 scoop Ultra Whey Pro
1 granola bar

Meal 5
8oz chicken
1 cup brown rice
2 cups veggies

Meal 6
10oz beef
2 cups brown rice or ww pasta
1 cup veggies

Meal 7
2 cups ff cottage cheese
1 poon natty pb
1 granola bar

09-30-10, 8:24 am
Looks good bro. Time to DO SOME WORK!

09-30-10, 8:29 am
Looks good bro. Time to DO SOME WORK!

Will be as soon as it comes in, hoping by monday.

09-30-10, 8:36 am
Will be as soon as it comes in, hoping by monday.

Sweet man. Good luck with it!

10-05-10, 11:27 pm
Finally came in today and I put it to use.......

First off, mixes well, taste is good along with aftertaste.

For being only my second workout since my surgery all I can say is fatigue wasn't an issue.

Strength is there, surprisingly for not lifting in awhile. Now I wasn't going max effort but I did push myself.

Focus, I have never been so locked in on a workout EVER. And it seemed to intensify as my workout progressed on. Not to mention my 90 minute lecture class after my workout.....I was on my game with notes and actually zeroed in on the what the professor was actually saying.

No new numbers yet, but in time. I expect big things from this product...

Squat racks were being used so I bypassed.
Leg Ext. Warm-up 3x15
Leg Press 3x10
Hack Squat 3x10
Leg Ext 3x12
Lying Leg Curl 3x12
Seated Leg Curl 3x12
Seated Calve Raises 3x15
Donkey Raises 3x15

10-07-10, 7:24 pm
(1) energy - high, but not with that crazy edgy feeling
(2) focus - focus was dead on entire workout, never got side tracked
(3) intensity - balls to the wall, with strict form...the weight was just moving and I could feel every fiber working
(4) performance - for not lifting for almost 4 months...guys I feel like I maybe missed a few weeks of training
(5) fatigue - what fatigue, I'm hitting it with 30 seconds rest in between...in and out in less than 50 minutes
(6) strength - getting better and better. I find myself stronger on my third set over my first set
(7) duration of effects - this stuff is still going strong at the end of my workouts, not much of a crash

Incline 2 warm-up sets 3x10
Flat bench 3x10
incline Flyes 3x10
Cable Crossovers 3x10
Hammer Strength Incline Press 3x10
Push-ups 3x failure

crunches 3x25
leg lifts 3x25
twists 3x50

10-07-10, 7:30 pm
Today was back

Stack hour before
Pump minus red capsule 30 minutes before
Agent O
5 g creatine/5 g glutamine/Storm/EAA Stack mixed and sip on before and during

Pull-ups 3x failure
Deads 2 warm-up sets 3x10
Lat Pulls 3x10
T-Bar Rows 3x10
Rev Grip Lat pulls 3x10
Cable Rows 3x10

Agent O...I am in love with this stuff guys, the energy is there along with the focus through the entire workout without any big crash.....

10-08-10, 4:52 pm
Off day today..

10-11-10, 3:40 pm
Knocked out shoulders today and am going back for legs in a bit. So, to the point.....I mix up my agent O, and down it. Taste, not the greatest in the world, but of I'm going for flavor over function than I'd have some lemonade. Gritty and bitter going down, but not too bad. So off I go, get to the gym and start warming up. By the time I get to standing military press I'm ready throw some around. Not doing shoulders in awhile I ended up tossing up 185 for a solid 10 reps. I'm talking strict form. End of the workout and I'm still ready for more so I decide to go home throw down some chicken and rice and than head back for legs in a bit. So far this stuffs holding to Universal standards. I have noticed a slight nauseas feeling toward the end of my workout, not sure what that was all about. Let's see if Agent O can sustain me through round 2.

10-12-10, 11:29 pm
Well didn't hit legs last night...hit arms today though.

Mixed up some O and downed it real quick....he flavor is getting to me, not too bad but not too pleasant. Also tossed Pump without the stim in the mix. Focus was dead on and could really target it in on the contraction. Man oh man said it was 60 today but int he gym it felt like it was 100....no ac doors wide open with fans on...needless to say Agent O has got my body temp up and making me sweat like no other...energy levels were up and hell yes I was also able to stay awake in lecture today.

10-19-10, 11:32 pm
Well since last posted, same mix up...have hit legs and chest since last posting....Agent O is working it's magic. The sweating, holy shit batman....dripping just after warming up...really helping get through these workouts, nothing amazing but some good volume.