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09-30-10, 4:16 am
This couldn't have happened at a better time. I've been training nights for a while now and my energy levels have been dipping. Will Agent O be my solution? Only time will tell. But the sample at the Cage screams yes!

My currently split is odd by animal standards. I'm lifting heavy twice a week - sat/sun (depending on if we have an ABC) and weds night. I'm also attempting to get cardio and/or light circuits in on monday and tuesday. Lately work hasn't been letting that happen but that should be changing next week.

Goal - get enough gas in the tank to power though the 2.5 hr heavy workouts (10 sets of HRT plus 200-300 rep giant set finishers) and still get a tiny bit of cardio in.

Mr. Dead
09-30-10, 12:01 pm
You KNOW I'm going to be in, for this!!!

10-01-10, 4:10 pm
Subbed T.

Mr. Dead
10-05-10, 6:43 pm
Uhm... Anything goin' on, in here...???

10-05-10, 8:14 pm
Uhm... Anything goin' on, in here...???

Tons but mostly I'm waiting for the Agent O drop off.

10-07-10, 2:59 pm

Legs tonight. Hells yeah.

10-07-10, 3:00 pm

Legs tonight. Hells yeah.

awesome...looking forward to a killer leg session.

Mr. Dead
10-07-10, 3:03 pm

*Is jealous...* * Glad to hear that it made it!!! Now, maybe, we might see a workout... *LOL*

10-07-10, 3:35 pm

Legs tonight. Hells yeah.

That sounds like fun, haha.

10-08-10, 3:50 am
Thursday 07 OCT 2010
powered by Agent O

Smith Squats ATG - warmups, 405-6, 365-7
Leg Press - WUs, 30p-6, 12+4, 23+4

Tempus GVT -
leg extension 135lb, standing calf raises 355lb, lying leg curls 95lbs- 10sets of 10- giant set style.

It was a night workout. Took my Agent O around 8:50 pm. Yeah it was late and I'm worried I won't be able to get to sleep later but we will see.

Started the workout around 9. No dinner. Last meal was around 5:30 so my carbs were a tad bit low. Water intake was good - almost 2 gal.

I was tired during the beginning of the workout. By 9:30 we had wrapped up squats and moved to leg press and I was starting to feel the increased focus and concentration. By 9:45 I was really in the zone. Felt like I just had 6 great hours of sleep and could tear the world apart.

Smith squats are still hitting me mostly in the glutes. Quads barely get warmed up. Hams and calves take a beating. Maybe its cuz its smith. Or ATG. Dunno. We like smith better for HRT and the hack squat in this gym is utter ass so thats not even an option.

Took a little injury on the squats. Shogun is a tall fucker so I try to rack higher than normal for him. Missed racking the 405 and sorta did a bouncing re-rack. Left knee, calf and ham all for tweaked. Nothing too serious - minor pulls on the muscle but the knee gave me some grief the rest of the night. Kept the leg press poundage lower than normal (30 instead of 34/36) and upped the reps.

I did notice an increase in body temp. It wasn't too bad until we hit the GVT. 40 min of non-stop sets was just too much. I had to pour water on myself a few times just to try and keep from passing out. Still had energy. Still had focus. I was picking up a rep more than normal per set - it was more like I would have normal only had a partial rep and instead I had a full rep and then complete failure. Good stuff.

By the end of the GVT I was baking. Once we got outside I had to pour a bottle of water over myself to cool off enough to get home and take a cold shower. So damn.

So - line by line:

What to keep track of— In particular, did you notice any increases in:
Energy: Minimal. 3/10. Wasn't more tired. Didn't feel like I had more gas than normal.
focus: Yes. 10/10. I was ON. Rarely/never on like this for night lifts after a shitty day at work.
intensity: Yes. 8/10. Absolute failure seemed to be at about the same point but I had more intensity leading up to that point.
performance: Yes. 6/10. Felt like my total output was slightly better than normal.
fatigue: Hard to say. The heat thing drained me but it didn't seem to effect the lift. Mentally there was no fatigue.
strength: Yes. I'd have to look back and see what my normal 30plate leg press is. 23+4 forced negs is on the high side but not sure by what margin.
weight on any exercises: Did the GVT at a higher weight than usual. Wicked pump and burn there.
any personal records: I'll just assume the leg press is.

10-08-10, 3:52 am
Mixed the Agent O wthi some Leucine (about 8grams) and a bit too much liquid. I used some naked juice Blue Machine. Love the stuff. Probably 10 ozs. My bad.

Could taste the VERY POTENT Agent O through that. Wow.

Its not a bad taste but very very strong. I'll hit it with water saturday before the ABC.

10-11-10, 3:27 pm
Saturday 09 OCT 2010

Koloseum Gym ABC

Superset city!

Stiff arm pulldowns/Machine pulldowns
Smith shrugs/DB shrugs

5 sets of 12ea, 45 sec rest between sets, 2-3 min rest btwn exercises

Seated calf raises -- WUs, 6p-41

11am ABC. Downed the Agent O in powershot form with about 2.5 oz of water at 10:10. Powerful taste but went down with no fuss.. Strong after taste but that faded with in a few seconds. I had a full stomach (lots of food around 9:30) and didn't really start feeling the focus until 11:15/11:30.

Workout was good. Tweaked my back doing the deads/hypers. I guess I hadn't really recovered from my stupidity of leg day and I didn't stretch nearly enough. Weight was light and I was feeling good - thats a bad mix. Pinched something in the lower back that made moving/bending/living ugly for the next 2 days.

Overall the workout was solid. Mental I was in there 110%. Agent O is fairly nice. I don't even notice its happening. My A-game is just there. Systemic fatigue is blunted quite nicely. I didn't think I was getting much body part support but looking at the calf raise PR after my calves were already destroyed 36hrs prior - yeah - there is some good shit in there. I'm thinking its something I'd notice more if I was super setting or doing higher rep work. My standard HRT doesn't seem to get much boost. The GVT does but my mind is floating by then.

I was initially worried about too much boost but I managed to take a nap around 4:30 (ie as soon as I stumbled home from lunch.) Didn't have too much trouble after my night lift either. There is no jittering with this so the stim portion isn't overwhelming.

ABC was awesome. Rage took Junior and I on a tour of his current workout. We suffered and he got to watch. I think he worked up a sweat making us suffer.

Ben showed up for his first ABC and is a welcome addition. Strong brother. He's why I had to rep the calfs getting 40 on his first showdown. Damn.

Firedrake and the Otts were also running around with us. All in all a great time.

What to keep track of— In particular, did you notice any increases in:
Energy: 4/10 - hung in there with the volume. Haven't been doing volume as felt dead but wasn't.
focus: Yes. 10/10. Damn this stuff is good.
intensity: Yes. 7/10. Not quite the same boost as last time. But that might be a function of the volume with this type of workout.
performance: Yes. 8/10. Hung in there for all the supersets. Very surprised. After a few min rest at the end I was fully recovered (systemic) and started doing rows. Lower weight than normal but I just felt good.
strength: n/a
weight on any exercises:
any personal records: seated calf raise - 6 plates for 41.

10-14-10, 3:41 am
Wednesday 13 OCT 2010

Incline bench - WUs, 275-5, 245-8+4, 8+3
Behind the neck press - WUs, 195-3, 165-6, 145-8+4, 8+4
V-bar pushdown - 120-8+4, 8+4

GVT - smith press ss wide grip upright rows - 10x10 no rest. 3up/3down no pause.

Agent O taken 20 min prior (8:55) on empty stomach. 9:15 lift. Really started kicking in by 9:30. Got a more mild case of the sweats than the first time but body temp was elevate all workout. Same general issues as before - Focus was there. Laser like. Felt recovered long before the body really was. Mentally I was so money it was freaky.

I think this would be far more useful for a more volume style training. It does help the GVT out - I blasted through and the focus kept me in the rep better than normal. As few times I lost count I was so into the controlled lift.

Lift went well. We usually do a bit more machine work so my stabilizers were completely shot before I finished the behind the neck work. Sucky. I had forgot that was why we usually do hammer strength work for the heavy pressing.

Pump was great. I had a widen my grip on the shoulder work because my arms were too pumped and weren't able to contract enough with my more normal narrow grip. Not that I'm complaining.

Didn't set any PRs. Might be for HRT inclines I'd have to go back and check. Nothing for the rest but it felt good. Some of the best mind/muscle and I'm already painfully sore. Tomorrow is gonna suck.

10-21-10, 5:59 pm
Sunday 17 OCT 2010
AM lift (fuck you josh)

Neut grip Pulldowns:225- 8+4, 8+4
BOR: 315-8+4, 335-8+4
BB Shrugs: 5p-8+4, 5p+25-8+4

HS Low Row/HS Pullover/Dumbbell Rear Deltoid: 10sets-10 reps each. Gaint set. Minimal rest.

Random machine preacher stuff. Can't remember the details. Mostly for a cool down.

Agent O all the way. I hate morning lifts. I really hate getting up at 7:30. Did this lift on an empty stomach. Gutted down some AO and grabbed the water and went.

Same story as before. Took about 30-45 to kick in. Body temp increased. Sharp focus. Mentally recovered much quicker than the body did.