View Full Version : What to do for breakfast when you really can't eat eggs every day

09-30-10, 1:20 pm
I really can't stand to eat a bunch of eggs every day, but I love breakfast, specifically cereal and fruit. I found this recipe on some diet site, was skeptical about it, tried it and now eat it practically every day.

4 Tblsp flaxseed meal (not whole flaxseeds or crushed flaxseeds, but flaxseed MEAL)
2 Tblsp organic/natural peanut butter (or maybe nutella makes you happy, but I like peanut butter. A lot.)
Dried mixed fruit, or fresh berries, or bananas, or all of them and maybe even some nuts
Agave nectar, splenda, or raw sugar to sweeten (raw sugar has a nice molasses-y taste)
Hot water to suit the consistency you like
Combine in bowl, stir, eat.

Idelaly, it should look sort of like a dough almost, but creamy like...peanut butter. You can of course increase the ingredients to suit the amount of "cereal" you want.

I don't know if it keeps well in the fridge because I always eat it up.

Hope you enjoy it, I sure have been!

Mr. Dead
09-30-10, 1:28 pm